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In the highly competitive field of compliance, organizations need to ensure that their workforce is properly licensed and certified. With Certemy, businesses can do just that. Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that helps organizations to validate occupational licensing and certifications in real-time, allowing them to maximize their compliance efficiency.

Certemy is the go-to solution for some of the largest employers in the US, allowing them to reduce their workload, adhere to regulatory compliance, and more effectively use their staff. By using primary source verification, Certemy provides organizational visibility and control over the workforce, greatly reducing the risk of negligence. In addition to this, Certemy also brings pre-built workflows that are differentially configurable, allowing companies to customize their processes and automate their license application processes.

Targeted Primary Source Verification

By having access to automated primary source verification, businesses can quickly and accurately assess the legal and professional qualifications of their workforce. All the verification processes related to acquiring, renewing, and monitoring licenses and certifications are completed in real-time, without the need for manual tracking. Additionally, having this automated system affords companies the opportunity for immediate and accurate results, empowering employers to make improved evaluations and reduce the chance of negligence.

Certemys systems are tailored to US employers, helping them stay up-to-date with the most current legislation. Furthermore, Certemy also provides businesses with an in-depth view of their entire workforce, thus allowing managers to identify employees whose certifications have expired or are about to expire. Taking into consideration the wide range of different regulations and qualifications, Certemysimplifies the entire process by tracking and managing licenses across the entire organization, keeping all the information within one system of record.

Improved Staff Utilization

In addition to easing the workload of compliance management, Certemys automation also improves staff utilization across the board. Automated systems inherently require little human input, freeing up personnel to be allocated to areas of better use. The automated system will effectively identify which licenses or certifications have expired or are about to, what renewal process needs to be applied, and which personnel can be allocated to a different job role.

Moreover, the automated system also simplifies the entire application process. Certemy has several pre-built workflows that can be configured based on the needs of the employer. These workflows help remove the hassle of submitting multiple applications and streamline the process for both employers and employees alike. All the applications submitted by the employee are tracked by the automated system, allowing for improved organization and visibility in the employer’s overall workflow management.

Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Certemy is also a valuable tool for risk management. Automated systems are generally much more reliable than manual tracking, which can be prone to human error and negligence. Certemy eliminates this type of risk, ensuring that employees are properly licensed and certified and are abiding by the necessary requirements.

Certemy also ensures that all records are kept up-to-date and actively monitored. This allows businesses to quickly identify any potential discrepancies and address them immediately. The improved visibility and control afforded by Certemy allows for greater degrees of accuracy and improved liability management, thereby reducing the risk of negligence.

In summary

Certemy is a comprehensive tool for businesses looking to verfy occupational licenses and certifications. With automated primary source verification and pre-built workflows, employers can easily monitor and manage the qualifications of their personnel. This enhanced visibility and control also helps employers to reduce their overall workload, improve staff utilization, and better manage compliance risks. Ultimately, Certemy is a powerful compliance tool for any organization looking to maximize their resources and reduce the risk of negligence.


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