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The duties of the Human Resources (HR) team go beyond the traditional activities of hiring and onboarding. HR teams are responsible for the administrative and operational roles that enable the workforce to run smoothly – including ensuring that all of the who work at an organization hold the necessary credentials and professional licenses to complete their jobs. With the advent of automation, HR teams can now streamline the verification process with the help of license verification software, like Certemy.

Certemy is a cloud-based license verification software that digitally automates the entire process of verifying that employees have the certifications necessary to do their job and confirming that those credentials are active, appropriate, and up-to-date. Automating the verification process helps organizations mitigate the risk of fines and other penalties due to employing unlicensed or improperly certified staff, and timely detect when credentials are about to expire, need to be renewed, or when disciplinary actions may be taken against employees who have these credentials.

Certemy provides a one-stop-shop for HR teams to easily create, manage, and retain digital records of employee certifications and licenses. Anytime employers need to know whether a team member has their state?s license, they?ll be able to quickly determine with Certemy. It consolidates all verification records and places them in one convenient location, allows the user to take disciplinary action when needed, and see exactly the qualification status of every employee at any given moment.

The software allows for easy tracking and management of licenses and certifications, which allows HR teams to plan ahead and prevent the wrong people from doing the wrong job. By automating license tracking and verification, human resources professionals can be confident that their records are accurate and up-to-date. With a few clicks, employers can easily know that each employee is certified to work, and that they are legally sound.

Certemy is preloaded with customizable workflows that can help to streamline verification processes. By organizing employee licenses and credentials in a single system of records, HR teams can track and manage them while seeing the big picture of their workforce compliance program. With certifications against specific job roles, teams can discerningly assign the right responsibilities to employees with the relevant certifications. This helps to improve staff utilization while saving valuable time and resources.

Certemy is the perfect license verification solution for HR teams looking to streamline the employee verification process. With Certemys cloud-based automation and customizable workflows, HR teams are guaranteed to have a trustworthy system of record for employee certifications and licenses that can save time, time, and mitigate risks while improving staff utilization.


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