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Professionals in the United States are required to hold certifications and licenses to practice their occupation. Managing license and certification requirements can be a complicated process. Human Resources must ensure that all professional licenses and certifications are valid, up-to-date, and not under any regulatory sanctions. Certemy is an automated license and certification verification platform that helps Human Resource teams streamline the manual labor involved in tracking and verifying employees? certifications.

Verifying Licenses and Certifications

Certemy is a digital platform that provides automated primary source license verification. This saves HR significant time that is typically spent verifying license information from multiple sources. All of this process can now take place on a single platform. In addition to the automation of the verification process, Certemy provides a digital storage facility to store and track all of this license information.

Certemy also offers automated workflows to streamline the license application process. This greatly reduces potential manual errors, providing employers with peace of mind. Everything from document acquisition to the actual application process is managed on one platform. Certemy is built to ensure that each step of the process is compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Tracking and Managing Compliance

By eliminating manual, labor-intensive processes and streamlining the organization of certification records, Certemy provides better visibility into the license compliance of employees. HR teams gain complete oversight and visibility of all of their license and certification data. This helps ensure that the organization is compliant with federal and state laws, keeping the company free from potential violations.

Organizations using Certemy can even automate license expiration and renewal reminders. This significantly reduces the risk of unlicensed employees from going unnoticed and ensures all licensure requirements are up to date. This proactive approach to compliance makes sure the organization is compliant with all applicable HR regulations and up-to-date on all employee credentialing.

Improving Productivity and Efficiency

Certemy helps improve team productivity and efficiency. With one digital record of certification tracking, HR teams can clearly visualize who?s credentials are current and who is in need of renewal. This cuts back on the tedious paperwork and legwork associated with manual license verification and eliminates the need to constantly monitor state databases.

Automating the license and certification verification process also helps keep HR spend low. This platform requires no additional personnel to handle the verification process, eliminating additional headcount costs.

In addition to improving efficiency and reducing costs, Certemy also increases team productivity. HR teams can focus on tasks that require more creativity or human interaction while automation tend to the tedious background work.


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