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Professional licensure Verifications require accuracy and consistency ? two qualities difficult to attain and sustain without a reliable, automated system. Primary source verification of professional licenses offers the opportunity to become more structured regarding license applications, renewals, Compliance, and tracking. Companies committed to licensure excellence can save time, increase compliance accuracy, reduce compliance risk, and improve utilization of staff credentials and resources through a modern license tracking system.

Primary source verification is a highly valuable asset in determining the validity of professional licenses. When licensing authorities issue a license or permit to a professional, they create a single source of record. This record, when obtained from the applicable licensing authority or agency, is considered the primary source of truth in verifying the license is held by the appropriate professional and is valid. Obtaining primary source records electronically from the issuing licensing authority is known as primary source verification.

The best license and certification tracking systems are designed for streamlining the process of obtaining, verifying, and storing primary source license records. By leveraging an automated system, companies gain the visibility and control necessary to meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing time. Automated license source verification systems can also be connected with current HR systems that track various information about current employees.

An automated system that seamlessly connects to a companies HR system can save time and money spent on employee license management. Workflows can be set up within the system to automate the license application process with approvals assigned to the appropriate personnel. Once approved, the system can track the progress of license applications, provide notifications of renewal dates, and then monitor the details of the license renewal. The system will use primary source verification to ensure that the employee continues to hold a valid license.

Companies that use primary source verification to keep tabs on their professional licensees also benefit from improved accuracy. If manual systems are in place, companies risk missing crucial deadlines or failing to comply with regulatory requirements due to discrepancies in expiration dates or renewals. Automated systems are able to take note of all expiration dates and send out reminders for renewal.

When combined, the time saved, accuracy improved, and compliance achieved with an automated license verification system can improve staff utilization and create a more efficient operational environment. From healthcare, finance, legal, and engineering, license compliance remains one of the most difficult areas for organizations to manage across their workforce. Companies able to save time and resources while mitigating liability and increasing accuracy can see benefit in the way of cost savings, improved service delivery, and improved organizational performance.


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