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Licensing and certification are key components of compliance today. Employers must verify that their staff hold the appropriate state and federal licenses and certifications. Since many professions require ongoing education and training to stay active, keeping track of employee licenses can also consume a lot of time and money. This is why automated license verification systems have been developed to help streamline the process, such as Certemys automated system.

Certemy provides a comprehensive platform to automate compliance processes for employers. Their system performs an automated primary source verification to quickly validate licenses and certifications. This way, employers can check that their employees are properly licensed, up to date on their education and training requirements, and free of any sanctions or other disciplinary action. Additionally, Certemys system gives employers greater visibility and control of their compliance processes.

With Certemys automated system, employers can track the status of employee licenses and certifications in one system of record. The system also leverages pre-built workflows to automate the processes for license applications. This way, employers can ensure that their employees are compliant with regulations and that their licenses are kept up to date. Managers are also able to access real-time insights into the compliance program and monitor team productivity across the organization.

Certemys automated system also helps employers to save time and money by automating the primary source verification process. By verifying employee credentials and eliminating potential delays, employers can better deploy their staff and resources according to the regulations and the needs of the organization. Moreover, Certemys automated system provides an affordable and streamlined approach to compliance, with some of the largest employers in the U.S. already using it to alleviate risk and improve their teams utilization.

Overall, Certemys automated system helps employers to stay ahead of compliance requirements, while saving time and money with its automated verification approach. The system also offers one system of record to track employee credentials and monitor the success of the compliance program across the organization. Additionally, its easy-to-use workflows make it an accessible solution for any employer looking to streamline their compliance process and make sure that their staff remain compliant with regulations.


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