License Verification Tool | CRNA -?Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Compliance in the professional world is constantly being challenged, from being up to date with industry regulations to ensuring that employee licensure and certifications remain up to date and valid. Unfortunately, manual processes for validating these licenses can quickly become a bottleneck due to complexity and the need to periodically update information. Fortunately, automated primary source verification systems provide a real-time view of employee licensure, as well as helping to ensure that proper vetting is done and disciplinary actions are quickly identified.

Licensure and certification of healthcare professionals is perhaps the most regulated and complex area of professional compliance. Healthcare occupations have separate governing bodies that issue numerous certificates and credentials to practitioners, from the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CR) to medical technicians, nurses, doctors, and many more. Managing these applications and preparing for compliance audits is a deeply involved task that requires a comprehensive system of record for tracking, renewal, and disciplinary actions.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees confirming that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. Each occupation has its own governing body that defines the parameters needed to ensure compliant licensure. Certemy verifies credentials directly with the state regulatory board or other authoritative source to confirm their accuracy and validate the license/certification. This centralised system systematically cross-references employee records throughout a variety of sources to ensure accuracy of employee license information across all fields.

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record is invaluable in promoting timely renewal processes, heightening staff visibility, and saving administrative costs. Through Certemys automated system of compliance, companies can quickly and easily access employees licenses, certifications, and credentials, as well as quickly identify expirations, pending renewals, and disciplinary actions. This gives employers the ability to gain complete visibility and control over staff compliance of occupational licenses.

Furthermore, pre-built workflows easily allow compliance managers to automatically track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification. These workflows are fully customizable allowing the user to create optimized and automated processes that are tailored to their companies specific practices and procedures. Highly trained support staff are also available to answer questions, provide insight, and offer assistance wherever necessary.

The implementation of Certemys license and certification tracking services can provide a vast set of benefits. By leveraging automated license tracking employers can quickly identify any non-compliant practitioners and remediate any issues immediately before an audit. Automated license tracking helps extend the lifespan of compliance by keeping sensitive data up to date and allows staff to leverage a single source for managing audits. Additionally, real-time tracking and up-to-date license information keeps risk to a minimum and improves employee utilization.

Ultimately, Certemys automated license and credential tracking service provides healthcare organizations a way of seeing transparent employee license and certification compliance across the entire organization in a single system of record. This helps employers fulfill compliance requirements swiftly and accurately while also providing insight into their staff’s license status and the necessary renewal dates in the future. Automated Tracking helps streamline and optimize the complex protocol needed to maintain compliant practices and certified personnel while mitigating any risks or liabilities associated with potential lapses of compliance.

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