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Ensuring that employees hold the applicable and correct professional licensure is key to meeting both ethical and regulatory requirements for businesses. Knowing that the employees have the required certification and that the certificates and licensure are up-to-date can help some companies to protect their businesses from liabilities or non-Compliance issues. To ease that process, companies should consider using an automated system that simplifies the Verification process, such as Certemys license verification system.

What is Certemy and its Automated System?

Certemy is a leading provider of license verification services with an automated system. Its platform allows employers to check all of their employee licenses and certifications, ensuring that they meet the required standards. The platform also enables employers to track all of their license and certification updates quickly and accurately, so that they can stay one step ahead of any potential regulatory compliance issues.

Who is Certemy? How Does it Work?

Certemy is a cloud-based service provider, which enables employers to keep track of their staff qualifications in one central system of record. Partnering with state and federal organizations, Certemy provides accurate primary source verification of licenses, as well as a comprehensive view into the status of their workforce qualification and compliance.

Certemys automated system works by allowing employers to enter an employees title and profession. It then searches the appropriate state and federal databases to pull up the employees current license or certification status. Depending on the companies particular system, Certemy can also handle license renewal requests, applications, and other related tasks. In addition, the service provider can send out automated notifications when it detects any changes or irregularities in the information.

What are the Benefits of Using Certemy?

For businesses, Certemys automated system provides numerous benefits. It allows companies to quickly and easily track their employees? licenses and certifications, while minimizing administrative costs and saving time. In addition, the system allows organizations to preemptively identify any potential regulatory compliance issues before they arise, thereby helping to significantly reduce risk and liability.

Who should consider Using Certemy?

Certemys license verification system is designed for employers of any size and any industry. It is particularly useful for organizations in industries such as healthcare, engineering, and construction, where it is essential for employees to be professionally certified in certain areas. Additionally, it is a perfect solution for businesses who need to keep track of multiple credentials for a large number of employees. Ultimately, Certemy makes it easier for companies to ensure that their employees are properly certified.


Having a platform like Certemys license verification system allows employers to track all of their employee licenses and certifications quickly and accurately. This can help reduce the risks associated with non-compliance and reduce the amount of time and money spent on administrative tasks related to verification. In the end, using Certemys automated system can help companies stay ahead of the game and maintain their regulatory compliance while providing a safe workplace for their employees.


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