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For many modern organizations, managing credentials and occupational licenses for a full workforce is becoming increasingly challenging. A lapse in license renewal processes can create risks for the business, ranging from a disruption of revenue to hefty legal and administrative consequences. To maintain their compliance with regulations, employers must now look to automated tools to manage, monitor, and verify their employees credentials and licenses. This makes Certemy, a license verification platform, an invaluable tool for companies looking to stay on top of their compliance requirements.

Certemy is a comprehensive License Verification platform that allows employers to automate their processes, track their employees credentials and licenses, and stay up-to-date with their regulatory requirements. Backed by its automated primary source verification system, Certemy ensures that the licenses and certifications across an organizations employees are always kept active, appropriately renewed, and free from any disciplinary action or sanctions.

In addition to its primary source verification system, Certemy also offers a wide range of features to help employers maintain their compliance requirements. With pre-built workflows and notifications, companies can stay on top of their license renewals and asset management.

With Certemys easy-to-use system, companies can grant different team members access to the platform with customizable viewing levels. This allows team leaders to view the compliance status of other team members, streamlining the license and credential verification process with a central team dashboard.

Moreover, using the platform’s advanced search tools, employers can identify gaps in their employees? credentials and complete the verifications in a fraction of the time usually needed. Additionally, Certemys audit logging feature keeps track of all activities on the platform, allowing employers to maintain a comprehensive record of the status of their employees? credentials.

For larger companies with thousands of employees, Certemy provides an enterprise license compliance solution comprised of a suite of tools and services. From regulatory alert tracking, to automated workflow triggers and data entry, this enterprise-delivered solution allows employers to manage their staff credentials at scale while staying complaint with industry regulations.

For companies looking to manage occupational licenses and comply with regulatory requirements, Certemy provides an all-in-one solution for verifying the credentials and regulating the compliance of a workforce. With its automated primary source verification system and comprehensive suite of features, Certemy allows employers to stay ahead of their compliance obligations and mitigate risks in their business.


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