License Verification Tool | FNP-BC or FNP -?Family Nurse Practitioner

Credential verification is an essential part of human resource operations. For employers in the US, the task of verifying employees? professional licenses or certifications can be complex and time consuming. Without proper checking, an organization may be exposed to potential regulatory compliance concerns, medical errors, and liability issues. That?s why established businesses have long seen the need to automate the license verification process?making it easier to keep track of their workers? credentials and ensuring accuracy, up-to-date information, and regulatory compliance.

Primary source verification (PSV) is an automated service that enables employers to verify the authenticity and current standing of their employees? professional licenses and certifications. The system used by Certified Employers involves validation from primary sources, such as governmental and licensing agencies, as well as standard secondary sources, such as publicly available resources. This ensures that all the necessary checks are completed at the appropriate level, and that employers stay ahead of compliance.

The primary source verification process is often standard across most states, and each one employs its own set of governing laws and exemptions. As a result, many employers opt to make use of a third-party system that easily allows for contract management as well as credentials verification.

Certemy is a premier provider of license verification services with an automated primary source verification system that allows employers to check their employees? professional licenses and certifications.

Certemystays ahead of regulatory compliance by providing real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, which greatly reduces the hassle of manual verifications. An audit trail of the verification process is also available to prove compliance and provide evidence in the event of a state audit.

Certemystreamlines and simplifies the process of primary source verification. It allows employers to configure customizable workflows that will automate the application process and track license expiration dates. And with its comprehensive visual dashboard, administrators can easily view the current visibility and status of all existing credentials.

For healthcare employers, Certemy offers a unique solution to verifying Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) by offering independent primary source verification for the FNP national certification exam and specialty certifications. This helps ensure the accuracy of medical staff credentials and support high levels of protection for healthcare organizations.

By leveraging Certemy, employers enjoy numerous benefits to their human resource operations. Not only will employers receive the assurance that their employees? credentials are always up-to-date and in good standing, but their teams will also be able to increase their productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, employers will be better positioned to stay on top of regulatory compliance responsibilities.

Automating the process of verifying your employees? licenses and certifications with a comprehensive system like Certemy provides peace of mind and financial protection for your organization. A single point of failure could amount to financial losses, or even legal consequences. With the right automated primary source verification system, employers can ensure that their staff credentials are always accurate and compliant.


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