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Being a compliance leader within a company means having constant visibility and control of an organizations personnel. Primary source verification is a must for large and small employers alike, where professional licenses and certifications are double-checked and monitored to make sure of their continued validity and stringent adherence to all relevant regulations.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification and provides an automated system that assesses, verifies, and updates professional licenses and certifications for employees around the US. Automating these processes with Certemy has several key advantages to help employers keep ahead of regulatory compliance: saving time, reducing risk, and optimizing personnel usage.

Real-time Tracking of Licenses and Credentials

Certemys platform offers employers a single system of record for all employees’ professionals licenses and credentials, which makes it easier to enable simple, quick, real-time tracking of these details. With Certemy, employees no longer have to manually submit forms and attest to license renewals – everything is updated in the central system of record immediately. By removing tedious administrative overhead, employer-employee compliance is maintained and kept accurate and up-to-date.

Workflows and Process Automation

Using Certemys platform, companies can leverage built-in workflows to enable automated license application processes. The processes are configurable and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a company or organization. This ensures the efficient onboarding of personnel with the latest and most accurate paperwork that is regulatory compliant. Automated workflows also eliminate human error and data entry analysts by taking over the tedious manual processes of paperwork and keeping all the data accurate and up to date.

Visibility and Control of Compliance

With Certemys platform, companies are able to easily get a full, real-time view of the compliance status of each employee with an organization. Compliance leaders have complete control and visibility of their workforce compliance program, as Certemys platform guarantees real-time tremendous visibility and control of personnel. The platform also makes sure that policies are applied and communicated properly, and records are maintained for each employee, making it easier and faster to assess any changes in an organization that may be necessary.

Certemys platform is trusted by some of the largest companies in the US to save time, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization. With its automated license tracking and primary source verification, Certemy guarantees both employers and employees an easier, more efficient workflow for overall organizational compliance and resource management.


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