License Verification Tool | Asbestos Workers

Harnessing the power of automation to manage asbestos workers and their license requirements is a lion’s share of Compliance departments. With the often arduous process of verifying and tracking licenses, certifications, and qualifications for professionals in this specialty, staying within the human resource operation’s regulatory framework can become a challenge. Enter online automated primary source Verification systems.

Historically, obtaining primary source verification for asphalt workers has been a costly and time-consuming process. This is due to human resource’s reliance on manual processes and outdated software to manage licensing and certifications, leading to major discrepancies and compliance issues. As the level of complexity of regulatory requirements increase over time, manual verification processes struggle to keep up, resulting in costly mistakes and eventual fines.

Fortunately, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are providing a more streamlined and comprehensive approach. Using an automated primary source verification system easily and quickly verifies licenses and certifications from the original source, saving time and providing a much more reliable form of validation. With the increasingly complex global workforce demands, having reliable and complete visibility is no longer a question, but a necessity.

The primary benefit of an automated primary source system is that it eliminates manual processes and provides real-time, accurate tracking of employee licenses and credentials. These systems provide a much more reliable tracking system, as they connect directly to the source of the data. Over time, these systems will provide an overall improved team productivity, without having to worry about rechecking licenses and tracking expirations.

Such systems also provide companies with added visibility across the entire organization. By subscribing to the system, different departments are all aligned in using the same tool to validate the credentials of their respective employees. Additionally, this allows for configurable workflows that help automate the license application processes. As such, automated primary source verification provides a host of tremendous benefits to any organization.

Given the many advantages of automated primary source verification, it is clear that companies should leverage this technology to help manage their asbestos workers. Companies should aim to stay ahead of the regulatory compliance curve, and the use of a primary source system is one of the best ways to do just that.


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