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A Certified Foot Care Nurse, or CFCN, is a professional registered nurse who has completed advanced training and certification in the assessment and management of foot care. This specialty deals with the prevention and treatment of foot and lower leg conditions ? from problems of the skin and nails, to those of the musculoskeletal and vascular systems. Certified foot care nurses often attend to patients facing a wide range of medical concerns, from difficult medical conditions to general foot health issues, as well as providing advice on proper hygiene and foot care techniques.

What is License Verification Automation?

License Verification Automation is the process of using technology to verify that a license or certification is valid and in Compliance with regulatory standards. This process involves automating the manual workload of verifying an individual’s credentials, such as requiring that each license is valid, that it has been renewed, and that there are no derogatory marks or past disciplinary actions. Automation of this process can save both time and money.

How Does Certemy Make License Verification Easier?

Certemy is a leader in license verification automation with a fully automated system that can validate any occupational licenses and certifications held by your employees. Primary source verification is completed through real-time, accurate data collection. Certemy also keeps organizations current on regulations by automatically tracking employee licenses and credentials and providing real-time updates on any changes or notifications. Certemy also simplifies license application processes by providing pre-built workflows that are fully configurable.

The Benefits of Certemy For Employers

By leveraging the power of Certemys license verification automation, employers can save time and money. Budgetary resources can be reallocated by eliminating the need for manual labor that is required for license verification tasks. Additionally, by utilizing the system’s primary source verification of employee licenses, the organization has greater visibility and control of its workforce compliance program.

Final considerations

Certified Foot Care Nurses can provide important medical care for those facing a wide range of conditions. Automating the license verification process using Certemys technology can save employers both time and money. The software provides complete visibility and control of the workforce compliance program, with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, and configurable workflows for license application processes.


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