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A Certified Heart Failure Nurse is a nurse who is trained and certified to help care for patients who are living with heart failure. This certification requires nurses to have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide comprehensive and proficient care for patients with heart failure and to manage complex conditions. Certified heart failure nurses pursue their certifications through the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN), which provides professional development and support for nurses in the heart failure specialty.

Heart failure is a complex and progressive condition. Certified heart failure nurses help patients to understand, cope with, and manage their condition. These nurses have a responsibility to be up to date on the most current research, treatments, and medications available for heart failure and apply their knowledge to the benefit of their patients.

The Certified Heart Failure Nurse credential (CHFN) is awarded by the AAHFN after nurses have successfully demonstrated their knowledge in the areas of patient care and heart failure management. In order to become a Certified Heart Failure Nurse, a nurse must first complete a number of requirements, including:

A minimum of one year’s worth of experience in the field of heart failure.

Successful completion of a minimum of 20 contact hours in heart failure clinical practice.

Successful completion of the Comprehensive Heart Failure Review Course (or equivalent program).

Passing the Certified Heart Failure Nurse examination.

Once these requirements have been met, the nurse may apply to take the CHFN examination. The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions, and must be completed within three hours. The exam covers topics such as patient assessment, medications, treatment options, patient education, symptom management, and more. Nurses who pass the exam are awarded the Certified Heart Failure Nurse credential.

Successfully achieving the Certified Heart Failure Nurse certification is an important step for nurses who are interested in pursuing a career in heart failure. This credential is recognized by employers and medical organizations across the United States, and can provide nurses with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the field.

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