License Verification Tool | Orthopaedic Clinical Nurse Specialist – Certified

The Orthopaedic Clinical Nurse Specialist (OCNS) is a registered nurse (RN) that specializes in the care of musculoskeletal disorders and diseases. OCNSs are certified by the Orthopaedic Nurses Certification Board and are highly trained professionals who possess advanced knowledge and clinical expertise in the discipline of orthopaedics. The OCNS typically works as part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team in settings such as inpatient and ambulatory care settings, long-term care facilities, and clinics.

Primary Role of an OCNS

The primary role of the OCNS is to provide comprehensive care for individuals affected by musculoskeletal diseases and disorders. These include fractures, soft-tissue injuries, orthopaedic trauma, joint and spine conditions, VCFs, and a number of congenital deformities. An OCNS combines their advanced knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions with clinical crisis management skills to provide an effective patient-centered approach to care.

An OCNS will typically assess a patient’s history and consult with the patient’s physician, surgeon, or orthopaedic team before beginning treatment. He or she will plan and manage the patient’s care, consider factors such as patient risk and comorbidities, and discuss the best approach for treating the patient. The OCNS will then make a plan of care and implement interventions such as prosthetics, medications, and physical therapy to optimize and restore functioning and improve quality of life.

Added Value of an OCNS

The OCNS provides added value to an orthopaedic team in a variety of ways. They are leaders in both patient care and patient education. An OCNS assists other healthcare providers in making accurate and timely diagnoses and can develop better treatment outcomes. They also assist with cost containment and efficiency in patient outcomes and can serve as patient advocates in a manner that improves patient satisfaction and outcomes.

The OCNS helps bridge the gap between the patient and the healthcare team. Patients benefit from an OCNS in that their clinical knowledge and experience can provide an accurate diagnosis and better outcomes. An OCNS can also provide education to the patient and family to better manage their musculoskeletal conditions and improve self-management strategies.

License Verification for OCNS

Due to the expertise and specialized knowledge of an OCNS, there is a legal requirement to ensure that they maintain active, valid certification to practice. Employers and regulatory bodies rely on certifications to validate the competency of their staff and to provide assurance that the highest quality healthcare is being provided.

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Orthopaedic Clinical Nurse Specialists are specialized professionals who are knowledgeable and responsible for providing advanced care in the management of musculoskeletal diseases and disorders. Their training and expertise provide value to a myriad of clinical and patient outcomes. To ensure the highest quality of care, their certifications must be up-to-date and validated. Certemy provides an automated primary source verification system for License Verification of OCNS with the added benefit of improved staff utilization and cost savings.


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