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The work of certified orthopaedic nurses is critical to the success of orthopaedic surgery and the overall care of orthopaedic patients. Orthopaedic nurses are highly skilled and experienced nurses who provide specialized care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions, such as arthrIt is, fractures, joint pain, and trauma. They must have strong credentials to carry out their work effectively and safely. In order to become certified, they must complete extensive education and training, and pass a certification exam.

What is the certification process?

Certification is required for those who wish to practice as an orthopaedic nurse. The path to becoming an Orthopaedic Nurse Certified (ONC) is intense and carries a substantial set of expectations that must be met before certification is achieved. There are two main routes to becoming an ONC: the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) route or the Bachelor of Science Degree Nursing (BSN) route.

The ADN route requires successful completion of an accredited nursing program and the NCLEX-RN examination. Students then enter an ONC residency program sponsored by an accredited hospital. During the program, students are tasked with clinical care and individual patient management. They must pass examinations covering principles and laws in nursing, anatomy and physiology, and musculoskeletal care. Additionally, students must pass the Certification Examination for Orthopaedic Nurses offered by the National Board of Certification for Orthopaedic Nurses. Once these requirements have been met, the individual will be eligible to receive certification as an ONC.

For those pursuing the Bachelor of Science Degree Nursing route, many of the requirements remain the same, with one key difference. The NCLEX-RN examination is waived and replaced by a written or oral comprehensive examination focusing on orthopaedic nursing.

Benefits of Certification

Earning certification as an Orthopaedic Nurse Certified comes with many benefits. Nurses who attain this certification have the opportunity to specialize in orthopaedic nursing and receive higher pay, allowing them to grow in their career. Certified nurses also have a greater authority in providing care to patients, ensuring that their patients receive the best care available. Additionally, they are better equipped to work with Orthopaedic Surgeons and other medical professionals to create an individualized plan of care.

Certified orthopaedic nurses must complete a set of continuing education courses, such as Advanced Orthopaedic Nursing and Advanced Nursing Care of Orthopaedic Patients, every two years in order to remain certified. These courses ensure that certified nurses are up-to-date on the most effective guidelines for patient care.

License Verification with Certemy

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Certemys license verification system is an essential tool for organizations that require ONCs in order to ensure that their employees are qualified for their roles. This process eliminates the manual, time-consuming practice of having to individually verify each and every license on the spot. With Certemy, you will be alerted when an employees license is up for renewal. This automated process allows organizations to stay ahead of any potential lapses in licensure or other disciplinary actions.

Wrapping up

Certified Orthopaedic Nurses provide specialized care and experience to those who are affected by musculoskeletal conditions. As such, achieving the ONC certification is an intensive and highly rewarding process. With improved patient care, higher pay, and higher authority, there are numerous benefits of becoming certified. For organizations that require ONCs for their workforce, Certemys license verification system is an essential tool to ensure that their employees are qualified for their roles.


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