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The Certified Wound Care Associate (CWCA) designation is an occupational credential awarded to healthcare workers who have successfully completed and passed an exam focusing on the assessment, treatment, and management of chronic and acute wounds. CWCA candidates must possess advanced wound care knowledge and demonstrate their competency in the field through an examination. As a professional certification, CWCA credentials offer employers and healthcare facilities an assurance that the credential holder is qualified for the job and has the necessary skills and qualifications for providing quality, evidence-based care.

The Certified Wound Care Associate exam benchmarks core wound & ostomy care competencies including accurate assessment, safe and effective treatment, and patient/family education and management of wound & ostomy related medical problems. The certification is granted by the American Board of Wound Management (ABWM), and can be maintained through continuing education requirements. Recognizing the importance of providing certified wound care, many healthcare facilities now require CWCA credentials for employment.

Benefits of CWCA Certification

The Certified Wound Care Associate certification program helps professionals set themselves apart from their peers and gives them credibility in the field of wound care. It offers several benefits, such as:

Recognized certification: The CWCA designation is held in high regard in the healthcare field, and employers often consider certified wound care associates to be more qualified and knowledgeable.

Greater career opportunities: With the certification, wound care professionals can improve their career opportunities and advance their professional goals.

Greater confidence in wound care: Certified wound care associates have the knowledge and expertise to care for patients with wounds, offering accurate assessments and effective treatments.

Advanced knowledge of evidence-based wound care: CWCA certification holders are expected to stay current on the latest evidence-based wound care practices, and to pass the certification examination, certification holders should also demonstrate a mastery of wound management.

License Verification with Certemy

For employers or healthcare facilities seeking to verify the licenses and credentials of their employees, Certemy provides a comprehensive license verification solution that automates the process of primary source verification. With Certemy, employers can quickly and easily review, track, and manage licenses and certifications in real-time, ensuring a greater level of compliance and accuracy.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to save time, reduce risk, and increase staff efficiency. Its automated verification workflow helps organizations ensure that their workforce has active and properly renewed licenses and certifications, while also providing organizations with enhanced visibility and control over its compliance program.

Certemy also allows employers to customize workflows to suit their individual needs, so that license applications can be generated, tracked, and managed quickly and efficiently. So whether your organization is looking to verify the licenses and credentials of its employees or to manage applications for new credentials, Certemy is the ideal solution.


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