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Advanced HIV/AIDS certified registered nurses (ACRNs) are registered nurses who specialize in the care and treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS. ACRNs provide specialized care and support to those living with the virus, helping to improve their quality of life and prevent further medical complications. ACRNs are often the first person that a patient living with HIV/AIDS sees when they are in the hospital or seeking assistance.

In order to become an ACRN, one must first have a valid registered nurse license. After that, they must receive additional training in HIV/AIDS related topics. Completing an accredited program, such as the American Academy of HIV/AIDS Research, is the best way to obtain the certification needed to become an ACRN. The curriculum includes comprehensive courses in diagnosis, care, and treatment of HIV/AIDS. ACRNs must complete continuing education credits every year in order to remain certified.

ACRNs work to ensure that HIV/AIDS patients receive the best possible care and support. They follow treatment protocols, educate patients and their families on HIV, provide counseling, and assist with symptom management. ACRNs strive to help these individuals live productive lives by providing encouragement and understanding.

ACRNs may also be involved in public health or research. For example, they may help in the effort to end the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS by speaking out about its effects. Additionally, ACRNs may be involved in research initiatives to help further the advancement of treatments.

Certemy is leading the way in providing efficient license Verification of ACRNs. Their automated primary source verification system verifies occupational licenses and certifications without the need for manual oversight. This is essential for organizations looking to manage and track their Compliance programs. Certemy ensures that ACRNs are properly certified and maintained, as well as confirming there are no sanctions or disciplinary action.

Certemysimplifies the license tracking process and helps organizations remain current with applicable regulations. Its primary source verification process corresponds with each state board?s requirements, ensuring credentials remain valid. This is an invaluable asset to employers looking to improve staff utilization and reduce compliance risk.

In order to stay ahead of regulatory compliance, organizations must be aware of any changes to ACRNs? licenses or certifications. Certemy provides the crucial capability to automate the renewal process and ensure all ACRNs remain compliant.

As a leader in License Verification, Certemy offers a powerful compliance program that provides unprecedented visibility and control. Organizations can use Certemys pre-built workflows to automate license application processes. This allows them to track employee licenses and credentials in one simple and streamlined system of record.

Whether you are managing an existing ACRN staff or need a tool to effectively validate licensure, Certemy provides organizations with the capability to do so easily and efficiently. Certemys automated primary source verification is trusted by thousands of organizations to save time, minimize risk, and improve their staff utilization.


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