License Verification Tool | BMTCN – Blood and Marrow Transplant Certified Nurse

Blood and Marrow Transplant Certified Nursing (BMTCN) is a specialized nursing certification program for nurses specializing in the care of blood and stem cell transplant recipients. Nurses who have completed a BMTCN program and earned this certification are uniquely qualified to understand the complex medical and emotional needs of blood and stem cell transplant patients, and they are essential to the quality of care provided to these patients.

A BMTCN certification denotes excellence in the field of blood and marrow transplant nursing, and helps ensure that patients receive the highest level of care. To maintain certification, BMTCN nurses must complete continuing education requirements and demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about the latest developments in the field.

The BMTCN certification is now widely recognized by nurses and other healthcare providers as indicative of a nurse’s skills and commitment to providing excellent care to patients who receive blood or marrow transplants. Furthermore, the BMTCN certification is a valuable credential for nurses who are interested in promoting their professional growth and job security in this challenging field.

Benefits of Becoming BMTCN Certified

Nurses who become BMTCN certified gain a variety of professional benefits. To start, BMTCN certified nurses enjoy immediate recognition amongst their peers and other healthcare workers as experts in the field of blood and stem cell transplant nursing. This certification also demonstrates to employers that nurses have the knowledge and training necessary to provide effective and compassionate care to transplant patients.

BMTCN certified nurses are generally more marketable than non-certified nurses, and they typically enjoy increased job security. The BMTCN certification also opens doors to higher salary and bonus opportunities. Furthermore, BMTCN certified nurses are better equipped to provide high-quality care to transplant patients, aiding in better patient outcomes and outcomes-based reimbursement.

What is Needed to Become BMTCN Certified

Nurses must meet a few basic requirements to obtain the BMTCN certification. Generally, candidates must be licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the US, and must have a minimum of two years of direct practice in blood and marrow transplant nursing.

In addition, nurses must pass the BMTCN certification exam, which is administered by the American Board of Neuroscience Nurses. This computer-based test consists of 150 multiple-choice questions covering the topics of infection control, immunology, pharmacology, psychosocial issues, and transplant management. The exam is based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities prescribed by the ANCC for the BMTCN certification.

Licensing Verification for BMTCN Certified Nurses

Once a BMTCN certified nurse has met the aforementioned initial requirements to obtain the certification, it is important for employers to ensure that the nurse obtains the appropriate licensing and remains in good standing with the ANCC. This is where license verification comes into play.

Organizations and employers can use a license verification tool to ensure that their BMTCN certified nurses are current on all licensing requirements. Such a tool automates the verification process, providing employers with real-time confirmation that their nurse’s licenses, certifications, and other credentials are up-to-date.

Vendors such as Certemy offer automated license verification solutions that can be used to verify an employees credentials. Through such platform, employers can easily track and manage all licensing and certifications, and receive immediate notifications when any employee has any changes or sanctions. This helps reduce the risk of Compliance issues while streamlining the entire process for HR personnel.

In summary

Blood and Marrow Transplant Certified Nurses provide vital care to stem cell and blood transplant recipients, and nurses with this certification have achieved significant expertise in the field. To support their practice and job security, it is essential for BMTCN certified nurses to be properly licensed in their respective state and to remain in good standing with the ANCC. Employers and organizations should use a license verification tool to verify that a BMTCN certified nurse is up-to-date with all necessary credentials.


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