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In the field of healthcare, it is important to make sure that professionals are certified for the specific area of practice. Certified Ostomy Care Nurses must be able to demonstrate competency, demonstrate skills, and pass a licensure exam. This ensures that the individual is qualified to provide safe and effective care to their patients. Certemy is a leader in License Verification, a powerful tool that can help validate a professional?s credentials, ensuring that they are properly licensed, qualified, and have the skills needed for their respective job.

Certification and licensure are two different terms when it comes to healthcare workers. A certification is an endorsement from a board or association representing a specialist specialty or profession. A license is a state-issued document that permits the individual to practice in a specific state. Licenses are typically granted and monitored by the state?s Department of Health or other relevant regulatory body and are generally renewed every two years.

Having a Licensed Ostomy Care Nurse on-staff can be immensely beneficial to any healthcare facility or institution. An ostomy procedure involves the creation of an artificial opening in the body, as well as the placement of a bag to collect body waste. It is a process that requires specialized knowledge and skill. But having qualified personnel helps to ensure that patients receive safe and quality care.

Certemys License Verification service helps to identify any Ostomy Care Nurses who have current, valid licensure in their state and are not facing any disciplinary actions. It works by verifying licenses and certifications through a primary source system that checks each certification against information found in the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) database digital archive. The Digital Archive contains information on nurses in all 50 states and can be used to find out background information, such as a background check, additional certifications or credentials, and whether or not they have any disciplinary actions or sanctions against them.

Certemy can also be used to monitor and track current, expired, or renewed credentials with notifications when they are due. This helps to ensure that the facility, institution, or practice always has qualified personnel available and a better understanding of any credential changes without manual review. This is especially beneficial for mobile or remote teams, as credentials are monitored in real-time and alert administrators when any changes are made to them.

By leveraging technology and automation, Certemys License Verification system can help take the administrative burden off of Compliance teams and managers. With an automated primary source verification system, organizations can be sure that their professionals? licenses remain active, appropriately renewed, and are up-to-date. With Certemys advanced license tracking capabilities, organizations can have complete visibility and control of their compliance program and keep their employee credential records up-to-date for easy reference.

When it comes to having a Licensed Ostomy Care Nurse, Certemys License Verification solution can provide healthcare organizations with the visibility and control they need to maintain proper credentialing. By leveraging this automated primary source verification system, organizations can gain peace of mind, knowing that their licenses are current and verified.


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