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Certified neonatal pediatric transport is an important method of safe transport for newborns, premature infants, and other pediatric patients who require medical treatment or specialized care. Certified neonatal pediatric transport services provide qualified medical professionals with the offensive and defensive equipment, training, and experience needed to transport vulnerable patients safely and securely. Working in close coordination with specialized healthcare teams, the certified neonatal pediatric transport team works to provide safe and secure transfer of patients from one medical facility to another.

The use of certified neonatal pediatric transport services is critical in ensuring the most safe and evidence-based environment possible to protect infant and pediatric patients. Whether the goal is to transfer a pregnant mother and newborns in dire situations or move seriously ill and injured children to specialized care, the clinical experience of the neonatal transfer team is essential. Certified neonatal pediatric transport teams are highly trained in advanced medical protocols and maintain an up-to-date emergency response system. It is also important for teams to be well-equipped with medical devices and supplies that are tailored for the vulnerable population.

Keeping a certified neonatal pediatric transport team current on the latest safety and medical protocols is a top priority for healthcare organizations. Not only is the practice of certifying teams important for the safety and security of the patient, it is also necessary to protect healthcare organizations from costly and time-consuming liability claims. Without a reliable certification process, healthcare teams may be exposed to potentially costly and time-consuming litigation in cases where an incident may be attributed to a lapse in oversight or standards.

Because of the specialized nature of transport services for infant and pediatric patients, employers, insurers, and government agency regulators have established rigorous certification standards. In addition to medical training credentials, professionals in the field must have certifications and licenses from specialized medical boarding foundations. These may include certifications in neonatal resuscitation and advanced life support as well as specialized qualifications required by the organization or region.

Certemy, an advanced license Verification system, is designed to facilitate the tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. With an automated primary source verification system, Certemy makes it easy for employers to verify occupational licenses and certifications across their entire employee base. The platform allows for real-time tracking of employee credentials and provides significant time-saving automated license application processes.

Keeping health care entities safe from liability claims is an ever-growing concern due to the heightened regulations in the healthcare industry, and Certemys solution simplifies the tedious task of validating and tracking employee certifications across the entire organization. Certemy makes it easy to ensure regulatory Compliance and to stay ahead of renewals and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions that may arise from lapsed and/or expired licenses.

With Certemy license verification system, healthcare organizations can enjoy the benefits of complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, mitigate risks, and improve staff utilization in a cost-efficient way. In addition, the platform provides an intuitive workflow that allows employers to stay up to date on the latest licenses and certifications necessary for appointments and staff changes.


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