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Certified nursing assistant (C) license verification is the process of verifying that an individual possesses an active, valid license to practice as a certified nursing assistant in a particular state or territory. This verification process is typically handled by the individual State Board of Nursing, but many organizations utilize an automated primary source verification system to ensure that the license is actively renewed and free of any disciplinary sanctions or restrictions.

Primary source verification is often used to confirm the identities and credentials of everyone with access to sensitive patient records, ensuring that all requirements for licensure are met. This type of verification is also utilized to help organizations remain compliant with state regulations and to mitigate any potential liability associated with negligent hiring practices.

Why Is C License Verification Necessary?

C license verification is required by law in many U.S. states and territories, making it a mandate for employers of Cs. Staying compliant with the rules and regulations governing Cs is an essential part of any health care provider’s duty of care and safety, and a comprehensive license verification system ensures that employers are meeting these requirements.

In addition to verifying active Cs, license verification can also be used to protect against potential negligent hiring practices. Failing to conduct license verification checks for Cs is often viewed as a sign of negligence and can lead to significant liability for the employer in the event of a dispute.

What Are The Benefits Of An Automated License Verification System?

An automated license verification system provides an efficient and effective method for confirming the credentials and professional competency of Cs. This system streamlines the license verification process and helps organizations remain compliant with state and federal regulations.

Automated verification systems also provide effective measures to protect against negligent hiring practices and can quickly flag any potential issues related to license validity and disciplinary actions. By ensuring that all Cs are qualified and have valid license designators, employers can rest assured that they are in compliance with the appropriate regulations and that their organizations are not at risk for negligent hiring liabilities.


C license verification is a mandatory requirement for any health care provider in the United States, and a state-of-the-art automated verification system is the most efficient and effective way to ensure that all Cs are qualified and possess valid professional credentials. Automated license verification helps organizations remain compliant with state and federal regulations, and safeguards employers from potential negligent hiring liabilities.


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