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Certemy is a leading license Verification platform designed to help employers verify employee license and certification credentials for compliance, efficiency, and accuracy. The platform automates primary source verification from state and third-party records, providing employers with an easy-to-use system to monitor and keep track of credential statuses. This system of record creates transparency, real-time status updates on expirations, and provides an audit trail to cover reports.

CERTMy enables employers to actively confirm employee licenses and certifications for accuracy and validity. This proactive approach to occupational license management ensures that the credentials held by the employees are accurate and up-to-date, eliminating challenges brought by manual methods of validation. CERTMy helps employers satisfy the most in-depth verification requirements, and accurately demonstrate that necessary licenses and certifications are free of sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Benefits of Using CERTMy License Verification

Using CERTMy for license verification reduces redundancy, convincingly demonstrates credential compliance with state and federal regulations, and reduces the risk of non-compliance. It is also the most efficient approach for firms to protect themselves from potential fines and liabilities that come with employing unauthorized workers. Employers can save time from manually validating credentials and be assured that the necessary licenses are upheld by their employees.

CERTMy’s platform streamlines the license verification process for employers through the use of automated notifications and real-time tracking. The platform is designed to be versatile and customizable to fit any organizations needs. Pre-built workflows allow for streamlining manual license application processes and create more efficient ways of tracking employee licenses.

Key Features of CERTMy License Verification

CERTMy License Verification is easy-to-use and comprehensive, making it ideal for large organizations with a heavy staff turnover. With its automated systems, CERTMy enables organizations to be proactive in managing employee licenses as the tool sends notifications whenever an employee license is due for verification or renewal.

CERTMy also provides complete visibility and full control of employee licenses within the organization, so managers will be able to access any license related information at any given time. Aside from improving team productivity, CERTMy also provides an audit trail to cover reports and assists employers in staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

To summarize

CERTMy License Verification is a comprehensive license verification platform for employers looking to ensure their employees are credentialed and that their required licenses are valid and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. Automated primary source verification ensures that licenses remain updated while reducing operational costs and? time and mitigating the risks of non-compliance. The pre-built workflows streamline the license application process for better efficiency and visibility.


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