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The healthcare industry in particular is heavily regulated and health organizations must meet and continually maintain high regulatory standards. Organizations must ensure that their staff members, from allied medical practitioners to nursing professionals, are operating with valid licenses and certifications that prove they are in good standing. But with an array of licenses and certifications, coupled with other compliance pitfalls, tracking the status of each health professional is an overwhelming process. Fortunately, a professional license verification tool can provide transparency and efficiently track Alcenses, mitigating risk and protecting your organization from non-compliance.

What Is a Professional License Verification Tool?

Professional license verification tools are software solutions that enable organizations to securely verify the status of an employees licensure and certification records, irrespective of their geographic location. This ensures health teams are legally compliant and that the standard of care is up to date.

It is essential that healthcare organizations in the U.S comply with the state professional licensing laws of the board of nursing or Certified Board of Nursing when verifying licenses for nurses. This means that organizations must ensure that the licensing agency issues each license and renewal, and that the license is in good standing.

What Can a Professional License Verification Tool Do?

A professional license verification tool can help organizations validate and track licenses & certifications with precision and accuracy. Validating an employees license & certification provides assurance that your organization is engaging only professionally licensed individuals, reducing healthcare risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Primary Source Verification of Employee Licenses & Certifications

A key feature of a professional license verification tool is primary source verification (PSV). PSV involves directly contacting the source of a license/certification and requesting confirmation that the individual holds an active and valid license/certification. With PSV, employers are able to ensure that the individual really holds the licenses & certifications they claim they can and where its required, that is has been renewed in-time.

Time & Cost Savings

Traditionally, license & credential verification has been executed by manually gathering information from multiple sources, a process that frequently becomes very resource-intensive. But an automated license verification tool integrates with the user?s HR payroll system, helping to eliminate the manual steps associated with license & credential management. This drastically reduces the time taken to renew employee licenses & certifications and the cost associated with manual checks.

Auditing & Reporting

Compliance audits are a part of almost every healthcare organization due to the stringency and ever-changing regulations in the industry. Professional license verification tools come with audit & reporting capabilities which provides a comprehensive view of licensure compliance for employers. This also allows the user to recognize discrepancies in licensure compliance and keep track of government and organizational audits with absolute ease.

Closing ideas

Professional license verification tools provide employers with an automated solution to track employee licenses & credentials in one system of record, while ensuring that organizations remain in compliance with state and federal licensing regulations. In addition, comprehensive audit & reporting capabilities and primary source verification methods help to maintain the highest of industry standards and protect organizations from non-compliance.


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