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Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioners (AG-ACNPs) are vital to the healthcare system, providing front-line, patient-focused care in hospitals and other settings. But their roles require specialized education and preparation, which must be kept current and validated through professional licensing and training. Keeping track of and verifying AG-ACNP licenses is a critical part of the healthcare Compliance process.

Professional license Verification ? or primary source verification ? is a process used by human resources (HR) to confirm and keep track of employee credentials. Primary source verification requires HR staff to collect and authenticate a worker?s credentials with the issuing organizations ? that is, the organizations that have granted licenses or certifications. This information is then stored as part of the worker?s personnel file.

The process can be cumbersome and time-consuming, but It is a necessary step in the healthcare compliance process. To help streamline the process, many organizations are using an automated license verification system. This software automates the collection and verification of employee credentials, freeing up HR staff to focus their time on other important tasks.

Benefits of Automated License Verification System

The biggest benefit of using an automated license verification system for AG-ACNP license verification is the time It isaves. Instead of having to manually input employee credentials or contact the issuing organization, all the information needed to verify an employees license can be entered into the system. The system then conducts the primary source verification and updates the employees personnel file, all with minimal effort from HR staff.

The license verification system also helps to ensure the accuracy of the credentials saved in employee personnel files. The system verifies the license against the issuing organization and also helps to ensure that the license is kept up to date. When the license is due for renewal, the system will automatically generate a notification so that HR staff can take the necessary steps to update the license.

The license verification system can also help to maintain regulatory compliance. It automatically checks for any disciplinary action taken against the employee, ensuring that they are not practicing without the appropriate credentials. This helps the organization to remain compliant with any regulation related to AG-ACNP practice.

Finally, the automated license verification system allows organizations to have better visibility and control over their workforce. The system can provide a detailed view of the individual license and certification statuses of all their employees, allowing for quick action when necessary.


Using an automated license verification system for AG-ACNP license verification is an effective way to streamline the credentialing process and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. The system saves time and resources and helps to give organizations better visibility and control over their workforce.


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