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As an HR operations professional, you understand the importance of credentialing and verifying your workforce. Having a system in place to ensure that your employees are properly credentialed and that their certifications and licensure remain valid protects your business from risk and provides critical insight into staff utilization. Too often, license and certification verification happen manually, increasing the likelihood of making errors and leaving your company at risk. Certemy is a professional license verification tool that offers automated primary source verification, giving you visibility and control of your workforce compliance program.

Certemys system provides an automated and secure way to track and manage employee credentials. The system is the only one of its kind, allowing employers to track the expiration dates of multiple licenses and certifications across a large pool of employees. Each license and certification can have its own renewal period, allowing credentialing to be tracked in real-time and managed in one central repository of data.

Certemys system features pre-built workflows that are designed to help streamline the entire credentialing process. The system can automate the process of tracking license applications, eliminating the need for manual tasks such as submitting renewal forms and applications. This can help to save significant time and improve overall staff utilization.

Certemys automated license and certification verification system is trusted by some of the largest employers in the US. The system provides a secure and reliable way for businesses to ensure their employees are updated and in compliance across the organization. Having a comprehensive system for certification renewal can help to improve team productivity and ensure that everyone is adequately credentialed.

Additionally, Certemys automated system allows for easy access to license information, giving HR operations leaders the visibility they need to stay ahead of compliance requirements. The system can also be customized to ensure that each business? specific needs are met.

Certemys automated platform is a great option for HR operations professionals looking for a reliable way to verify the licensure and certification of their employees. With real-time tracking and automated processes, Certemy provides an efficient way for businesses to manage compliance requirements while protecting their company from risk.


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