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Few things are more important in the modern corporate environment than Compliance. Companies have to ensure that they are following all of the necessary regulations in order to protect both their reputation and their bottom line. One of the most common tasks for compliance teams involves license Verification – the process of ensuring that a companies employees have all of the necessary licenses or certifications to complete a task and are in good standing. Fortunately, technology and automation are making this process simpler and faster with primary source verification.

Primary source verification (PSV) is a method for confirming the status of a professional license or certificate. This advanced verification system helps to ensure that employees possess current and valid credentials, which are free of any disciplinary actions or sanctions. PSV provides an extra layer of security and compliance, offering companies more confidence that their employees are meeting all requirements related to their professional licenses.

PSV involves electronic verification of an individual?s professional license with the primary source. This can include audits by the licensing agency or board, or cross-referencing against government and industry databases. This verification also provides a more comprehensive picture of the employees credentials, so that potential employers can make more informed decisions.

For companies that need to regularly verify the credentials of their employees, automating the process of PSV can be a great way to save time and resources. There are software solutions available that can build and manage workflows designed to accelerate the process. Not only does this reduce the amount of time needed to confirm license status, it also provides visibility into an organizations staff compliance program.

This is particularly beneficial when dealing with large numbers of employees. In Todays highly regulated landscape, large companies have no shortage of regulations to manage. Automated PSV helps to streamline the process, giving compliance personnel a real-time record that can be used to check on an employees license status. This eliminates the need to be constantly checking for paperwork, freeing up resources for more critical tasks.

In addition, streamlining license and credential tracking make it easier for employers and compliance staff to ensure that no licenses are expiring. Automated workflow systems can be set up to remind users of renewals of certificates, or send out automated notifications when the status of a license changes. This can help companies stay ahead of compliance regulations and ensure that their staff is always properly qualified.

By implementing an automated PSV system, organizations can save both time and resources, all while minimizing risk. Automation provides a complete view of an organizations compliance program – allowing companies to gain insight into potential risks and better allocate staff members. With automated primary source verification, organizations can easily manage license application processes and ensure their staff’s credentials are always up to date.


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