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Many organizations within the United States rely on professional licensing and certification of their personnel. Whether It is medical professionals and nursing staff, teachers and school administrators, or skilled trades workers like electricians and plumbers, these organizations need to ensure that their personnel are in fact licensed and compliant with local and federal laws and regulations. This can be a time-consuming process, but Certemy, the automated professional license Verification service, can help simplify and streamline the process for organizations of all sizes.

Certemy offers a comprehensive set of tools to help organizations ensure that their personnel are properly certified and compliant with applicable licensing and certification requirements. By automatically tracking and managing licenses and certifications in one system of record, Certemy eliminates the need to manually source documents and paperwork and can get your personnel up and running faster.

Through Certemys automated primary source verification process, organizations can be sure that any employee is validly and properly licensed with their local jurisdictions. Real-time data is gathered from each jurisdiction and regularly updated, so organizations can stay ahead of changes and requirements in a reliable and efficient manner. Certemys automated license tracking also ensures that your team remains current with any necessary updates or changes to their certifications.

Certemy also offers a number of pre-built workflows that can be configured to suit any organizations specific System of Record requirements. This helps streamline and automate the process of validating personnel, ensuring that all relevant qualifications are current. With Certemy, organizations can rest assured that all personnel are compliant with applicable licensing and certification requirements.

Furthermore, Certemys cloud-based system is built to be highly secure, utilizing standard industry security protocols and practices for a secure user experience. This means that anytime and anywhere, your organizational data remains secure and available.

Finally, Certemys analytics dashboard assists organizations in obtaining complete visibility and control of their Compliance program, so administrators can quickly identify any personnel who need to renew or update their licenses and credentials.

Certemys automated professional license verification platform is a great way for organizations to streamline their personnel verification process and get up and running faster. With a secure user experience, automated license tracking, and complete visibility and control of a compliance program, Certemy is the most efficient and reliable way to keep personnel compliant and license status updated.


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