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At some point, most companies with employees who hold professional or occupational licenses will need to track and manage those licenses in order to comply with increasingly stringent regulations. Some organizations may even be required to perform primary source Verification on each of their licensees. In the past, this manual tracking process was time-consuming and riddled with potential errors, but now there is a more effective solution ? automated license tracking with professional license verification.

Certemy is a leading provider of license verification services, using an automated verification system to confirm that licenses and certifications held by employees are valid, currently held, and free of any disciplinary action. With Certemy, organizations can gain complete visibility and control over their workforce Compliance program and always be aware of their license status. Here?s how automated license tracking and professional license verification can help bring your organization up to speed on compliance.

Automated Tracking and Verification System

Certemys automated license tracking and professional license verification system allows organizations to accurately track and manage licenses and certifications in real-time. All license information is stored in one centralized system of record, giving human resources personnel complete visibility across the entire organization and making it easier to keep track of licensure expiration dates and other important information.

The system incorporates automated workflows and customizable configurations to streamline the license application process and ensure accuracy for legal and regulatory compliance. With Certemy, organizations can minimize risk and save time by automatically keeping track of essential licensure information and proactively verifying professional credentials.

Improved Productivity Through Transition Process

Licensure transitions can be time-consuming and complicated, so automation of the process can help to improve employee productivity. Certemys automated license tracking features make the transition of a license easier and more efficient, which means less time spent on paperwork for HR personnel and more time available for other tasks.

The system alerts HR personnel of potential issues in advance so that they can be addressed before they become a problem. This helps ensure a smoother transition process and frees up time for the HR staff. Automated license tracking also eliminates manual data entry and minimizes the potential for errors during the transition process.

Comprehensive Insight for Better Compliance

Organizations can gain a comprehensive view of their licensure status with Certemys automated license tracking and professional license verification. The system generates detailed reports on all licensure and certification information, giving HR personnel an easy-to-understand overview of the organizations compliance status.

The system also helps organizations remain ahead of regulatory compliance by quickly identifying potential issues and alerting HR personnel in advance. This helps organizations manage their workforce compliance program more effectively, reduce potential legal risks, and ensure that licenses and certifications remain current and valid.


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