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One of the primary responsibilities of a HR operations team is to ensure that all employees are properly qualified and licensed for their roles. This means ensuring that certificates or licenses required for a job are current and accurate, and all licenses are tracked and managed properly. To minimize the risk of Compliance issues, HR operations teams must have a reliable way to verify that these licenses are up to date with primary source Verification. Automated license verification systems provide the HR operations team with a powerful, comprehensive way to keep track of all employee licenses and certifications.

What Is Automated License Verification?

Automated license verification (ALV) is a tool used by HR operations teams to quickly validate an individual’s professional license or certification. ALV utilizes electronic primary source verification from governing bodies to help verify licenses or certifications and ensure they are accurate, compliant, and up to date. This helps to ensure that employees are qualified to do the job they are hired to do and that all certifications or licenses are current and valid. ALV also provides teams with real-time tracking and alerts so they can quickly take action if a license is expired or about to expire.

Benefits of Automated License Verification for Human Resource Operations

There are numerous benefits associated with automated license verification for HR operations teams, such as:

? Streamline operations: Automated license verification systems streamline the license tracking process, making it easier and faster for HR operations to verify licenses or certifications. This helps to save time and resources, allowing the team to focus their efforts on other important areas.

? Reduce liability: By verifying professional licenses with ALV, teams can ensure that all of their employees are qualified to do the job they are hired to do. This reduces the risk of potential legal liability related to hiring individuals who are not properly qualified to do the job.

? Improve staff utilization: By making sure all licenses and certifications are up to date with ALV, teams can ensure that staff with the right qualifications are in the right positions at all times, improving team utilization and productivity.

? Mitigate risk: ALV provides teams with a way to mitigate the risk of non-compliance with licensing and certifications. Automated alerts can alert teams when licenses need to be renewed so that employees are not in violation of any licensing requirements.

? Improved visibility: ALV provides teams with a single view of all employees? licenses and certifications in one system of record, providing them with a comprehensive and reliable view of their workforce as needed.

In summary

Automated license verification is a powerful and essential tool for HR operations teams. With ALV, teams can quickly and accurately validate licenses and certifications, as well as streamline operations, reduce liability, and mitigate risk. ALV also provides teams with improved staff utilization and visibility into their entire teams compliance status.


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