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The most reliable way to ensure professional license Compliance is through automated primary source Verification (PSV). PSV is a process of checking the accuracy of all licenses, certifications, and credentials of employees or contractors. This process provides organizations the transparency and control necessary to remain compliant with laws and regulations, while avoiding hiring or using unqualified personnel. In this article, we’ll explain the importance of automated PSV and what organizations need to do to stay in compliance.

The Value of Automated Primary Source Verification

PSV is an effective way for organizations to make sure that the staff they employ or contractors they work with are properly trained and certified for the job. In addition to ensuring that their staff has the necessary qualifications, companies are also safeguarding against fraudulent licenses and credentials. Automated PSV makes it easier to verify that all credentials are up to date and that there are no sanctions or disciplinary actions connected to that employee or contractor.

For example, Certemys automated PSV system is an integral part of large US employers’ compliance programs. It has the power to save time by automatically tracking and managing all licenses and certifications, while also providing complete visibility and control of the program.

One of the key reasons organizations use automated PSV is that it can quickly uncover discrepancies and inaccuracies that can have major legal consequences if not caught and corrected in a timely manner. Tracking employee credentials manually is difficult, and makes it nearly impossible to flag discrepancies. It is also difficult to ensure accuracy, since manual tracking can’t guarantee the data is up to date and still valid. Automated PSV eliminates both of these issues, thereby avoiding potentially costly consequences.

Further, automated PSV is beneficial in helping organizations to create more efficient workflow processes. Certemy provides pre-built workflows to automate individual license applications while still having them reviewed and approved by an appropriate authority. This ensures accuracy and trust, while streamlining the process.

How Organizations Can Stay Compliant with Automated PSV

Organizations must remain vigilant about viewing and verifying all licenses and certifications for their personnel. Fortunately, this process is much easier with automated primary source verification than manual tracking. Automated PSV can quickly show whether an individual has the necessary credentials for the job.

In addition, organizations need to create processes and procedures that ensure every employee is properly licensed and certified, and that all licenses and certifications are valid and up to date. Automated PSV simplifies tracking across the organization, ensuring transparency and that compliance staff can monitor progress in real-time.

Organizations should also create ways to track license renewals and sanctions to ensure all personnel remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Automated PSV systems provide notifications and alerts about renewals, so that compliance teams can remain on top of any deadlines or other requirements.

Concluding concepts

Automated primary source verification is an important process for organizations that want to ensure their personnel is properly licensed and certified. With automated PSV, companies can streamline their license verification process, reducing overhead and saving time. Organizations can also increase transparency and control, as well as better manage license and certification renewal processes. Automated PSV is the best way for organizations to stay in compliance and avoid costly legal issues.


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