License Verification Tool | AGPCNP-BC or A-GNP -?Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

The success of any business depends on its ability to ensure that it has the right personnel with the right qualifications and up-to-date professional licenses. It is essential that all hiring processes, both initial and ongoing, are well-defined and strictly followed to ensure that organizations remain compliant. However, managing and maintaining professional licenses is becoming increasingly more complex, and organizations need a reliable and secure way to verify, maintain and audit their employees’ licensing information.

Professional licensing is typically regulated by state laws, meaning that unlicensed staff can be subject to severe fines or potential criminal charges. That is why it is essential to ensure that an automated primary source is used to maintain Compliance in verifying your employees’ professional licenses. Primary source Verification is a process by which organizations can utilize an independent source to confirm that an individual?s credentials are accurate and current.

By using an automated primary source verification system, businesses can quickly determine whether an employees professional credentials are valid. These systems are designed to be extremely accurate, secure and reliable. They often include the ability to confirm a professional?s identities, licenses, certifications, degrees, diplomas and experience from the appropriate regulatory bodies. An automated primary source verification system can also be used to track expiration dates for renewals and can be synced with a companies internal systems, providing real-time updates.

Additionally, a primary source verifications system can provide organizations with insights into employees? compliance status and any potential risks. Companies are able to easily identify any employees that do not meet the required professional standards and take corrective action. It also allows an organization to generate comprehensive reports on employees? credentials, which can be used to further improve the hiring process and maintain regulatory compliance.

With an automated primary source verification system, organizations can protect their staff, their reputation and their bottom line. The ability to quickly verify professional credentials enables companies to ensure that it has the best qualified personnel in its employ. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced costs associated with the hiring and recruitment process.

An automated primary source verification system offers businesses assurance that their employees are professionally qualified and licenses are properly maintained and up-to-date. Companies are able to maintain a higher standard of compliance by quickly and accurately verifying and tracking employee licenses and certifications.


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