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Modern businesses are increasingly required by law to verify that their employees hold the necessary licenses and certifications for their positions. Many businesses rely on manual processes to verify credentials, such as contacting state or federal agencies, which can be time consuming and costly. Automated systems for primary source Verification of license and certification information provide a cost-effective way to manage the process. Such systems allow businesses to have complete visibility and control of their workforce Compliance programs.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of obtaining information directly from the source to validate the accuracy of an employees professional license or certification. This process involves contacting the relevant issuing agency, often a state or federal government department, to ensure the license or certification is up-to-date and valid. Primary source verification is the gold-standard for confirming an employees credentials.

Why is PSV Necessary?

In the United States, every state has laws and regulations that determine the types of activities and professions that must be licensed or certified. Industries with higher safety or medical risks, such as healthcare or construction, typically have more stringent requirements. PSV allows businesses to verify that their employees or contractors hold the required licenses or certifications, helping protect them from potential legal action.

How Does an Automated PSV System Work?

An automated primary source verification system allows businesses to track and manage license and certification renewals and updates in real-time. By integrating a software system with the relevant certification or licensing agencies, automated PSV systems can keep records up-to-date and alert businesses to potential credential violations. This helps businesses maintain compliance with regulations.

Benefits of Automated PSV Systems

Automated PSV systems provide a wide range of benefits, such as:

? Increased Efficiency: Automated PSV systems reduce the burden of maintaining accurate records, saving time by eliminating the need for manual verification.

? Reduces Risk: Automated PSV systems reduce the risk of credential violations. By quickly alerting businesses when license or certification expired, businesses can protect themselves from potential legal actions.

? Improved Staff Utilization: Automated PSV systems allow businesses to track and monitor employee certifications and licenses. This enables businesses to keep better records and helps ensure staff are leveraging the right resources in the right places.

The bottomline

Automated primary source verification systems are an essential tool for modern businesses to ensure their workforce compliance. Such systems help protect businesses from potential legal action while reducing time and resource costs associated with manual checks. By integrating a software system with the relevant certification or licensing agencies, businesses can enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency, reduced risk, and improved staff utilization. Such systems enable businesses to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and maintain accurate records of their employees’ credentials.


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