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Primary source Verification is a critical element of any workforce Compliance program. Ensuring license and certification documents are unaltered, valid, and active is integral for many organizations, especially those in highly regulated sectors. Automated license verification systems streamline the process and help employers remain compliant with industry regulations.

In this guide, we explore the importance of professional license verification and provide an overview of available automation solutions to help you find the best fit for your operation.

Importance of License Verification

For highly regulated businesses, license verification is a key aspect of managing a workforce compliance program. Without proper license tracking, employers may unknowingly hire unqualified workers or overlook the need for a specific certification or license designation. In certain industries such as healthcare, government, and financial institutions, failing to comply with proper licensing could result in serious sanctions.

To help employers avoid potential legal or financial consequences, state and federal agencies mandate occupational licenses and certifications. They provide a legal basis to ensure businesses are properly playing by the rules. The process of professional license verification requires validating all required permits, certifications, and documentation.

To make sure the professional license information gathered from job applicants is accurate and up-to-date, many employers are turning to automated license verification systems.

Benefits of Automated License Verification

Using an automated license verification system saves organizations time and energy spent manually tracking employee licenses and credentials. With a system of record, organizations can have full visibility into their current licensure status and compliance throughout the employee life cycle.

A pre-built automated system also helps reduce errors that can occur in a manual tracking approach. Scheduling follow-up reminders can help to extend to audit duration by notifying employees when their licenses and certifications are due to expire. Automated license tracking also helps to increase the accuracy and accuracy rate of verifications by reducing the potential for manual errors.

The workflow of an automated license verification system further simplifies the licensure application process, providing an organized and efficient system for both employers and employees. Through primary source verification, employers are assured that their workforce is compliant with all local and federal licensing regulations.

Using Certemy License Verification

Certemy provides powerful license verification automation for any organizations workforce compliance program. Our fully automated system allows employers to easily verify employee license and credential information in real-time, all through one system of record.

We provide a system of audit trails that clearly show the various steps an employee went through to acquire the licensure information. This make it convenient for employers to validate each step of the process.

Certemys automated license verification system securely tracks all licensure and credential requirements to help organizations avoid costly fines and legal implications for failing to comply with licensing standards. Our automated license tracking system simplifies the arduous process of manually tracking and standards.

The platform allows employers to track, store, and manage employee license information with ease, reducing the risk of potential disciplinary actions resulting from compliance errors. Whether for individual employees or across the organization, Certemy provides a complete license tracking solution.

Concluding remarks

Employers across various industries can benefit from utilizing an automated licensure verification system for their workforce compliance program. Automated license verification systems provide an efficient way to accurately track employee certification, licenses, and credentials.

Certemy is a leader in license verification, helping employers remain compliant with all local and federal regulations. Our automated license verification platform provides a secure system to track and manage employee licenses while optimizing staff utilization to save time and reduce costs.


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