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With a highly regulated workforce, staying on top of employee professional license Compliance can be an incredibly time-consuming task for Human Resources operations teams. As the complexity of licensing requirements for specific roles increases, it can become a daunting task for HR personnel to not only keep up with licensing requirements but to also ensure that they?re properly tracked and documented. This can be further complicated if databases and records for professional licenses are not easy to access or cumbersome to use.

This is where an automated professional license Verification system can come in. In a digital age where automated workflow solutions are becoming increasingly available, using a software platform to track professional licenses is far more efficient than manual methods of verification and identification. Here are some of the most tangible and evident benefits associated with using an automated system to streamline HR operations when it comes to professional licensing requirements:

Time and Cost Efficiency

In an HR department, time is literally money. The simpler and more efficient a workflow, the more productive your staff and cost-effective your operations become. Automated workflows reduce manual workloads considerably, and enable HR personnel to spend more time focusing on other aspects of their jobs rather than worrying about day-to-day operational admin. An automated professional license verification system can save your team time in both verifying current licenses as well as applying for new licenses when needed. This time savings translates directly into cost savings.

Minimizing Risk

Verifying professional licenses and credentials manually can be a long and tedious process, and can potentially cause unreliable results. Automated license verification systems use authentic primary sources to provide real-time verification of both current and expired licenses. Additionally, automated systems monitor expiration dates as well as disciplinary and corrective/enforcement action, ensuring that no steps are skipped in the process.

Audit Trails and Compliance Readiness

In order to significantly reduce and/or prevent instances of identity theft and fraud, and provide evidence of due diligence in cases of legal prosecution, automated license verification systems can provide an end-to-end audit trail of every process in verification for professional licensing. This enables HR departments to not only guarantee the integrity of its workforce verification process but also provide needed evidence of its due diligence in terms of complying with regulatory requirements.

Real-Time Access

As the HR profession is increasingly embracing digital transformation, streamlined processes are becoming a cornerstone of efficient HR operations. Automated professional license verification systems enable compliant HR operations to access the correct data quickly and accurately in real time. By automating manual processes, HR operations can significantly reduce turnaround time in their operations.

Improved Accessibility and Documentation

In addition to the time and cost efficiency mentioned earlier, automated license verification systems provide HR personnel increased visibility of external databases containing licensing information. This improved access to license-registration information enables them to facilitate and expedite the entire process of verifying and processing of professional licenses within the HR workflow. Automated systems also aid in keeping accurate, up-to-date records of licenses and credentials, making management and reporting easier.


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