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As the healthcare industry continues to expand, healthcare organizations of all sizes are continually faced with the challenge of hiring skilled professionals with the proper certifications and licenses. From nurses and physicians to laboratory technicians and radiologists, the healthcare industry is an incredibly complex space requiring highly-trained and credentialed professionals.

Unfortunately, verifying the grand array of licenses and certifications for these healthcare professionals can be an extremely time-consuming and daunting task. Fortunately, advancements in technology are making it easier for employers to manage and monitor their professional licenses and certifications. With automated license verification, healthcare organizations are now able to quickly and efficiently safeguard their operational integrity and protect their bottom line.

Automated professional license verification has the potential to yield several benefits for healthcare organizations. Such benefits include improved safety, better compliance, increased efficiency, and streamlined processes. In this article, we will discuss the tangible benefits of automated professional license verification for healthcare organizations.

Improved Patient Safety

The most significant benefit of automated license verification is the potential to significantly improve patient safety. Depending on the level of validation provided, automated license verification processes can provide employers with the ability to quickly confirm the identification, qualifications, and valid credentials of the healthcare professionals they employ.

This real-time license verification can even include integrated primary source verification, which means that the verification results come directly from the licensing entity (i.e. state board or licensing agency) instead of relying on dated and potentially inaccurate certificate files. Furthermore, integrated primary source verification also often includes automatic license monitoring to ensure that license expiration dates, minimum hours required, and disciplinary action are accurately tracked and met for the healthcare organization.

This level of accuracy and rigor played an integral role in organizations with a significant amount of changes due to high turnover of staff, such as healthcare organizations. All in all, these automated processes lead to a higher level of safety and compliance for healthcare organizations and the patients they serve.

Cost Efficiencies and Streamlined Processes

Another important benefit of automated license verification for healthcare organizations is the fact that it can contribute to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By automating license verification processes, healthcare employers can quickly and accurately verify applicant credentials with minimal cost and time investment.

Moreover, automated license verification is a highly scalable solution ideal for organizations of all sizes. For larger organizations, automated license verification can save high labor costs associated with manually verifying credentials and providing ongoing license monitoring.

Overall, automated license verification can significantly streamline the process to ensure compliance with various regulations and reduce unnecessary time consumption and paperwork.

Organizational Confidence and Security

Finally, automated license verification provides a heightened sense of confidence and security for healthcare organizations. This confidence stems from the ability to quickly and justifiably demonstrate to various regulatory bodies that the organization is in full compliance with its credentialing processes and protocols.

Organizations that use automated license verification software typically experience significantly less inspections and periods of audit from regulatory associations. Most of the time, organizations that use automated license verification software also benefit from decreased costs associated with documentation processes and the necessity for manual reviews every few years.

Closing considerations

It is clear that automated license verification can provide healthcare organizations with a wide array of benefits. From improved patient safety to cost-efficiencies and enhanced security, automated license verification has become an increasingly important tool for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

By utilizing a comprehensive automated license verification software tool provided by a trustworthy partner like Certemy, healthcare organizations can reliably ensure proper compliance and licensing procedures that ultimately help foster an environment of trust and confidence among employees, patients, and regulatory agencies.


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