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The U.S. labor laws and regulations are constantly changing. Enterprises must ensure that they are properly compliant with certain labor laws as related to occupational licenses and certifications across their employees. This is where automated professional license Verification systems come in.

Certemy is a leading license verification system that helps enterprises remain compliant with their licenses and certifications. Automatically tracking and managing licenses, Certemy provides visibility and control of the workforce Compliance program with real-time tracking of employee license credentials. This type of software ensures that employee licenses and certifications are active and appropriately renewed.

In this article, we will discuss the purpose and the features of automated professional license verification systems, such as Certemy, and illustrate that these systems are necessary for compliance and employee efficiency.

What Is an Automated Professional License Verification System?

Automated professional license verification systems are tools used to streamline the licensing application process while reducing costs and minimizing the time spent managing employee occupational licenses. This technology can be used for primary source license verification to cross-verify licenses and certifications, and to remain informed on regulatory changes and database updates. The combination of manual data entry and automated verification processes simplifies the process of collecting and verifying important documents, such as educational transcripts, licenses, and certifications.

The primary goals of automated professional license verification systems include ensuring regulatory compliance while increasing efficiency of the licensing process. This goal is achieved by reducing administrative time and costs associated with manual verifications and manual labor. Many of these systems feature automated workflows that are tailored to the individual organizations requirements and/or regulations.

Why is Professional License Verification Necessary?

Professional license verification systems provide institutes and large organizations the ability to ensure that their workforce is in compliance with labor laws and regulations in the United States. The automated systems provide confidence in the accuracy of license verifications and data analysis, which results in less errors and administrative costs.

Organizations are now expected by law to remain compliant with labor law regulations. Working with an automated professional license verification system, such as Certemy, helps an organization ensure that their employees are in compliance with the law. For example, Certemy is designed to verify professional licenses and certifications across organizations by providing companies with real-time insight into employee credentials. This is especially helpful for large organizations that may have hundreds or thousands of employees.

What Are the Benefits of Professional License Verification?

Professional license verification systems provide benefits that extend beyond remaining compliant with labor laws. Automated professional license verification systems eliminate manual processes and replace them with a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Organizations can benefit from automated license tracking and analytics since it can save both time and money. This can not only help organizational efficiency and accuracy but also have a dramatically positive effect on the bottom line of the company.

Companies also benefit from improved visibility across the entire organization. Automated professional license verification systems offer data standardization, which improves the quality of the data available. This helps to ensure that any important information is accessible and reportable.

The main takeaway

Certemy is a leading provider of automated professional license verification systems that allows companies to remain compliant with labor laws and regulations. The automated system provides companies the ability to track employee licenses and certifications in one system of record. Organizations are able to reduce manual processes and save money while improving visibility and accuracy across the entire organization.


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