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As organizations become increasingly aware of the risks posed by non-compliant employees, many employers are turning to automated professional license verification as a way to ensure their staff are appropriately licensed, certified, and renewed. It is especially critical for organizations in the health care, finance, and legal fields, as any lapse in compliance can have serious consequences. By implementing an automated professional license verification system, employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reduce compliance risks by ensuring their staff are appropriately renewed, free of sanctions, and in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Businesses that employ professionals with required licensure or certification must continuously monitor employees? status. Regulatory requirements vary by state and industry, but typically include renewing licenses and certifications on a regular basis. In addition, as licenses and certifications change or expire, employers must be vigilant about ensuring their staff are kept current and in full compliance.

Automated professional license verification systems provide employers with a comprehensive solution for tracking and managing licenses and certifications across their entire workforce. This system is not only needed in order to remain compliant but also because a lack of compliance can be costly and put the company at a distinct competitive disadvantage. Additionally, organizations must be aware of any changes in regulations or certifications and take immediate action when required.

Certemy is an automated primary source verification system designed to manage and track licenses and certifications in real-time and meet all regulatory compliance needs. It enables employers to stay ahead of regulatory requirements by comparing and validating employees? credentials against national, state, and local databases. With Certemy, employers have complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance while also improving staff utilization.

An automated license verification system provides visibility and control of compliance across the entire organization. It istreamlines manual processes and cuts costs by reducing the time spent on paperwork and applications. Automated license verification also helps employers ensure compliance by providing accurate and timely information on credential expiration, renewal status, sanctions, and more. With pre-built workflows, employers can quickly configure any license application process and track employee licensure and certification status in a single repository.

The implementation of an automated license verification system and its continual monitoring of employees? credential status is the most efficient and cost-effective way for organizations to ensure their staff are compliant with applicable regulations. Implementing an automated license verification system gives employers complete control of their workforce compliance program and helps protect their company from the costly consequences of non-compliance.


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