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Clinical positions can involve serious risks to a patient?s health if a healthcare provider is not mandatorily licensed and qualified to practice. As hospitals and clinics hire nurses, assistants, and other healthcare personnel, it is absolutely necessary to ensure all employees and personnel are fully qualified and certified. To help human resource operations meet this responsibility quickly and efficiently, a professional license verification system can streamline due diligence processes, minimize risk, and manage compliance.

Licensing Regulations for Dermatology Nurses

Dermatology nurses are responsible for taking vital signs, assist with procedures, identify and treat skin problems, and educate patients about skin care. To protect a patient?s health and safety, the Board of Nursing in each state sets licensing regulations for nursing personnel that includes education and competency requirements. Requirements vary from state to state, thus making verification of licenses and certifications even more crucial for a healthcare organization.

How an Automated Professional License Verification System Works

A professional license verification system helps HR operations quickly and efficiently verify the licenses of employees. The automated system runs a thorough primary source verification to make sure a license is active, renewed, and free of disciplinary actions for any state and license type. The real-time tracking also ensures all license credentials with one record.

One of the greatest benefits of using a professional license verification system is having an automated workflow for license application processes. For each state and license type, the system requires that various documents are provided to complete the application process. Automating the license application process helps HR personnel save time and reduce the risk of errors for efficient onboarding.

Other Benefits of Automated Professional License Verification

Implementing an automated system to verify professional licenses and certifications can provide many other benefits for HR operations. This includes:

Improve team utilization and productivity

Gain comprehensive visibility across the organization

Configure pre-built compliance workflows

Access real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials

For any business or healthcare organization that employs licensed personnel, having an automated system for professional license verification helps save time, manage risk, and improve organizational visibility.

Stay Up-To-Date with Regulatory Compliance Regulations

Without the help of an automated system, HR operations for healthcare companies must take extra care to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory compliance regulations. With a professional license verification system, HR can be sure they are taking the necessary steps for due diligence to protect the organization from potential risks.

A Professional License Verification System Enable Peace of Mind

Healthcare organizations must always be sure their personnel is fully licensed and certified to lawfully practice. When a healthcare organization verifies its personnel licenses and certifications with a professional license verification system, HR operations can maintain total control over employee compliance and gain peace of mind knowing their organization and employees are in compliance with all the necessary regulations.


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