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Do you have the challenge of manual license and certification tracking and verification? For your human resources, operations, and compliance teams, ensuring employee credentials and licensing remain current and disciplinary actions are reported and tracked can be time consuming and challenging to stay ahead of.

You can simplify the process and ensure your business remains compliant with a better solution: an automated primary source verification system. These automated tools are a leader in the industry because they streamline license confirmation processes, increase the accuracy of information, improve visibility, and reduce the time and resources required to complete tracking and verification processes.

Primary source verification provides an objective and reliable method for confirming the status of a professional license or certification. This verification requires contact with the original source, in this case, the regulatory body that issued the license or credentials. With an automated primary source verification system, approvals can be received within minutes rather than days, increasing the accuracy of information and keeping the process up-to-date. This added accuracy leads to significant savings for the human resources team.

The main advantages of an automated license verification system include:

1. Complete visibility and control. An automatic license verification system provides your team with complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. It eliminates the risk of misinformed information and helps keep regulatory compliance under control.

2. Automated tracking. With primary source verification, you can track and manage licenses and certifications with ease. Never worry about losing paperwork or missing information, the automated system ensures all required documents are tracked and monitored at all times.

3. Improved team productivity. Automated tracking helps your HR teamsave time, and improved utilization of staff and time.

4. Pre-built workflows. Automated primary source verification allows for the pre-built workflows to be fully configurable, allowing you to automate license application processes and stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

An automated primary source verification system is a must-have for your human resources and compliance teams. The accurate data, improved efficiency, and streamlined workflows offered by such a system will provide a great benefit to your business by saving you time, money, and resources. The results are real and undeniable, making an automated license verification system an important tool for any business, not just in terms of compliance but also in terms of business operations.

To ensure your business remains compliant with the latest licensing regulations, an automated primary source verification system can be the perfect solution. With accurate, timely, and up-to-date information available at your fingertips, you can be sure you?ve done your due diligence in the verification process and remain compliant with applicable regulations.


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