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As organizations try to maintain a compliant workforce by issuing occupational license and certifications, license verification is a requirement to make sure any professional license is valid and up to date. Through the implementation of a license verification tool, employers can actively track and ensure their workforce’s compliance by staying up to date with regulatory requirements.

The use of a license verification tool allows an employer to instantly access a worker?s credentials, confirm their certification status, and monitor it to ensure staff utilization. what is more is that once retrieved, the information can be stored for future use and quickly distributed to appropriate departments and personnel.

What Does a License Verification Tool Do?

At its core, a license verification tool is a solution that helps employers manage their compliance program while eliminating inefficiencies. All license and certification retrieval tasks are automated, eliminating manual tasks, freeing up more time to focus on more meaningful tasks.

This tool collects credentials from the source – be It istate, federal, or professional regulators – and instantly validates the work status and compliance status of the credential holder. It also confirms if the license or certification is still valid, appropriate, and free of any disciplinary action.

Features of a License Verification Tool

Most license verification tools offer the same core features, the kind designed to offer an easy way to manage and monitor the workforce compliance.

Managing and Monitoring Compliance

At its core, a good license verification tool will help an organization easily manage and monitor worker compliance. Some of the features a license verification tool should offer is immediate retrieval of worker credentials from the source in a safe and secure manner, automatic renewal and background check alerts, updating of expiration date, and in-depth analytics on workforce compliance status.

Eliminate inefficiencies

An organizations time and energy is better used in other meaningful pursuits, like new product development. Used properly, a license verification can put an end to all the inefficient manual processes, archaic forms, and manual storage and retrieval tasks.

By automating the entire process, an organization can save time and cost by setting up a centralized platform that easily stores and retrieves license and certification information quickly.

Enhanced Visibility

One of the most valued features of a license verification tool is enhanced visibility. It offers a bird?s-eye view of the entire organization, allowing employers to see how their compliance program is performing, which can help with strategic planning.

Employers must maintain a diversified workforce, and with a license verification tool, an organization can keep track of certifications while at the same time creating new opportunities and utilizing their labor force to its maximum potential.

The main takeaway

Since occupational licenses and certifications are integral to the compliance program of any organization, the use of a license verification tool makes sense. It helps employers better manage their workforce compliance program and maintain regulatory consistency.

With an automated system, employers can quickly access and store license and certification information. This can taste time, save costs, and offers a transparent view of a business?s compliance status.


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