Useful articles on topics of interest to the professional certification, licensing, and employee compliance communities.

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Are you still collecting application and renewal fees manually? Paying by check or money order is a nuisance for professionals — and handling them is an unpleasant chore for your staff. Read more.

You've been drowning in paper for years, suffering through manual processes, and fielding what feels like endless calls and emails aslong the same questions over and over. You know there's a better way — that automation is the answer. But how do you get there — and can you afford it? Read more.

Most professionals wait until the last possible moment to submit their continuing education (CE) hours for credential renewal. This always means an influx of calls, emails, and CE certificate submissions for board staff to review — all at once. Read more.

Do you spend thousands of dollars on printing and postage each year? Could you put that money to better use if you could go paperless and slash your postage costs? Read more.

We all know that professionals aren’t known for reading instructions thoroughly. This often results in multiple calls and emails as they try to complete their application or renewal requirements — often at the last minute! Read more.

Supervisors and supervisees are often both responsible for keeping track of supervised hours and ensuring all rules and regulations are followed during the supervision process. Read more.

We understand what it's like to be drowning in paper and helping applicants complete fillable PDF forms — or worse, trying to read an applicant's handwriting on printed applications! Read more.

With former board administrators on staff, we understand that you can sometimes find yourself overwhelmed by manual processes — or a software system that no longer meets your needs. Read more.

Eight questions to help you make the right decision. As published in the Nov 2019 issue of ICE Credentialing Insights. Read now.