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In health care, various medical professionals are required to renew and maintain certifications and licenses in order to provide care in a quality and safe manner. Correctional health care professionals face additional challenges due to the unique settings and conditions of prisons. A Certified Correctional Health Professional (CCHP) is an important title providing higher standards of care for people in these conditions. Verifying the CCHP license is a major part of ensuring the individuals providing these services are appropriately qualified.

The Certified Correctional Health Professional license Verification system provides a comprehensive method for validating the renewed certifications of CCHPs. This helps to ensure that those working as part of correctional health care are appropriately qualified and able to provide the best quality of care for the individuals they serve. Not only does the proper verification help to provide safe care, but it is an effective means of reducing the potential for liability faced by health care facilities.

How the System Works

The CCHP license verification system is provided by Certemy, a leader in the field of license verification. This verification is automated, with a system that confirms both active and renewed certifications as well as checks for any disciplinary action or sanctions taken against the CCHP. All of this is accomplished through a primary source check, providing the most accurate and timely verification.

The system also provides automated tracking and management for the licenses and certifications, working to ensure the Compliance of all associated health care professionals. This provides organizations peace of mind and allows them to stay ahead of any potential regulatory challenges. All licenses and certifications held by personnel can be quickly tracked and organized in one simple, centralized system.

Configurable Workflows and Streamlined Processes

An added benefit of the CCHP verification system is its pre-built configurable workflows. This provides a smoother, more efficient application process for licenses and certifications. This not only saves organizations time and money, but it streamlines the process, making it more efficient and easier to utilize. The tracking system also enables organizations to increase staff utilization, improving the overall productivity and visibility of their organization.

How Organizations Can Benefit from the System

Organizations can benefit significantly from the CCHP license verification system provided by Certemy. The automated verification process can quickly and accurately provide the necessary qualifications and certifications for those working in correctional health care settings. This helps to ensure the quality and safety of care provided, which in turn reduces liability for the health care facility.

Additionally, organizations can benefit from the ability to track and manage the licenses and certifications held by their personnel. This allows for better compliance with any relevant regulations, as well as increased organizational efficiency due to the flowing processes and streamlined workflows. All of this is provided through an easy to use system that can be quickly utilized by any organization.


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