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With many different types of employees or contractors being recruited by organizations, it is becoming increasingly complicated for employers to ensure that their workforce is up to date with their professional license or certification requirements, especially as regulatory authorities update their policies and regulations rapidly. This is where companies are turning to operations tools such as Certemy to automate and centralize their license verification processes. With Certemy, employers have the security and confidence to manage workforce compliance with their primary source verification systems and streamline their license tracking and management process.

Certemy is an automated software that verifies the credentials of employees and contractors across the United States. By using Certemy, employers will be able to track and monitor their workforce credentials in one place, giving them complete visibility and control of their compliance program. In other words, Certemy helps employers mitigate risks and save time by providing up-to-date credential information on their employees.

Certemy provides primary source verification by validating the licenses and certifications of each employee, as well as informing employers if a certain license or credential has been suspended or is not up to date. This system gives organizations an exact measurement of their compliance risk with all hypotheticals and relevant policies covered quickly and accurately.

Certemy offers pre-built and customizable workflows that take care of the entire license application process. With an automated workflow, employers are able to streamline the entire recruitment process from a compliance perspective. This eliminates the tedious and often time-consuming task of manually verifying each applicant’s qualifications.

Certemy also offers analytics and insights into how the overall compliance program is performing. This assists employers in making the most efficient use of their workforce compliance program. This includes employee utilization, compliance performance metrics, and detailed insights into the workforce overall.

In addition, Certemy offers real-time tracking and management of employee licenses. With Certemys comprehensive dashboard, employers can see the up-to-date license status of each employee in one place.

Overall, Certemy helps employers keep up with the constantly changing regulatory environment and help maintain a compliant workforce. By automating the license verification process, employers can save time and mitigate compliance risk, all while ensuring their employees are getting the necessary certifications and licenses.


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