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Whether you work in health care, business, law, accounting, or any other licensed profession, having current and valid professional license credentials is essential to practice and ensure clients and employers are protected. With increasing complexity around regulatory compliance, it can be challenging to manually manage license application and renewal processes. Automated primary source verification tools that reliably confirm that a license is valid and in good standing can save significant time for employers, all while avoiding costly mistakes.

What Is Certificate Verification?

Certificate verification is a process of verifying a license or certification to ensure that a license holder is in good standing and holding a valid and current professional license. Certificate verification involves obtaining and verifying the licensing information from the state licensing boards or other primary sources that certify and issue these credentials. The automated professional license verification process is designed to ensure that HR teams, hiring managers, and legal departments have up-to-date and accurate information on their employees? licenses, certifications, and credentials.

Why Is Professional License Verification Important?

Professional license verification is an important part of hiring employees to ensure that the business is compliant with professional and legal regulatory guidelines. It is also essential in protecting clients, patients, and employers by confirming that only the highest qualified and credentialed individuals are hired for roles regulated by licensing boards. The automated professional license verification process helps organizations stay ahead of the growing complexities of compliance regulations and quickly identify if an employees license or certification is valid, expired, suspended, or revoked.

What Are the Benefits of Automated License Verification?

Certemys automated primary source verification systems provide organizations with a reliable and comprehensive way to validate an employees professional license status and renewals. Doing so eliminates the manual verification process and the potential for errors, while providing comprehensive visibility into workforce compliance. Automated license verification is an efficient and cost-effective approach for workforce compliance and onboarding programs.

Key Features Of Certemys Automated Professional License Verification Tool

Certemys automated professional license verification tool provides businesses with a range of features and benefits that can improve team productivity and streamline workforce compliance.

Real-Time Tracking: Track and monitor employee licenses and certification in one system of record.

Automated License Tracking: Automated license tracking and primary source verification ensures organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

Configurable Workflows: Certemys pre-built workflows are fully configurable to automate the license application and renewal process.

Mitigate Risk: Automated primary source verification helps protect and verify the credentials of employees.

Improve Staff Utilization: Streamline employee onboarding and improve staff utilization with automated license tracking.

How to Get Started with Certemys Automated Professional License Verification Tool

Getting started with Certemys automated professional license verification tool is easy. Begin by submitting your license data into the system, and Certemy will automatically track and renew any licenses or certifications due for renewal. If deemed necessary, the system will send notifications to the employees to confirm any necessary paperwork or information. Certemy also provides employees with a secure online portal to view and track their license information and quickly provide any additional documents or information at any time.

Concluding concepts

Certemy is a reliable and trusted automated license verification tool for employers. It helps ensure workforce compliance and protect clients, patients, and employers by providing comprehensive visibility into employee licenses, certifications, and credentials. The automated primary source verification system is cost-effective and improves team productivity and streamlines the onboarding process.


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