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Navigating the world of license Verification can be tricky and time consuming. Different companies may have different requirements for credentials and certifications, and even when your team is up-to-date on its professional credentials, understanding the intricacies of planning for renewals and managing expiring licenses can be tedious and stressful. That’s why Certemy developed their automated license verification and tracking system ? to save companies time and energy when it comes to professional license verification and Compliance.

Certemy is a comprehensive primary source verification system that helps companies validate their employees’ licenses and certifications. It was developed to help HR teams stay on top of their organizational compliance programs and stay ahead in the regulatory compliance arena. The robust platform streamlines all credentialing and compliance processes, giving HR teams an automated and comprehensive overview of their companies population’s license status and renewal schedules.

With Certemys automated license tracking, HR teams have a single system of record to check for employee license statuses and credentials in real time. The pre-built workflows within the Certemysystem are highly configurable and make it even easier to automate the entire license application process.

What Certemy Can Do for You

Certemys license verification and tracking system is beneficial for companies of all sizes and especially helpful in healthcare organizations where the requirements for professional credentials may be more stringent and complex. With Certemy, HR teams can easily track and manage the licensure and renewals of their employees, eliminating time-consuming paperwork and improving team productivity and visibility.

By automating the professional credentials process, HR teams also have the peace of mind that their employees are compliant with their state and federal regulations. Staying on top of these regulations is especially important for emergency nurses, who must have a valid and unencumbered license. Certemy provides compliance knowledge to HR teams to help ensure their staff members maintain their active licenses and certifications.

The system provides complete visibility and control to HR teams with its automatic license tracking and primary source verification. By automating the employee credentialing process, Certemysimplifies the collection and tracking of employee licenses and certifications, allowing HR teams to focus on their other daily tasks.

What Certemy Does Specifically for Emergency Nurses

Certemy isn’t just for administrators and human resource personnel ? its automated documentation system and comprehensive license verification system is invaluable to emergency nurses looking to stay in the know about their current certifications and renewal viability. Certemy is trusted by the largest US employers and has helped countless emergency nurses stay up-to-date with their license renewals and packages, so they can spend less time worrying and more time doing what they do best: caring for patients.

Certemy clearly displays all the requirements for renewing an emergency nurse’s license and makes it easy to quickly compare how an employees license differs across state board of nursing websIt is. The platform also offers automated live synchronizations, so changes in the state board of nursing websIt is are immediately reflected in the Certemysystem.

With Certemys automated license tracking system, emergency nurses don’t have to worry about staying on top of their renewal requirements. The automated system will send out notifications when a professional credential is soon to expire, so emergency nurses can get ahead of the process and plan for their license renewals appropriately.

The core message

The complexity of the professional license requirements of emergency nurses can be overwhelming. With Certemy, the entire license verification process is streamlined and automated, giving HR teams and emergency nurses peace of mind that their employees’ professional credentials are up-to-date and in compliance with state and federal regulations.


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