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Staying on top of employee credentials and licenses can be a beast of its own – especially for those responsible for the hiring, managing, and career development of a business’s staff. Managing proper licensing and certification for your employees can be a tedious and time consuming process. As a compliance leader in a large organization, you want to make sure that all of the licenses and certifications held by your employees not only stay up-to-date, but are also free of any disciplinary actions or sanctions at all times.

Thanks to the rise of automated license verification services, It is now easier than ever to manage and track employee certifications and licenses across an entire organization. Such services offer complete visibility and control of an organizations compliance standards, saving time, mitigating risks, and improving staff utilization. This article will explore the benefits of automating professional license verification with Certemy, a leader in the space.

Understanding Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is the process of verifying that the credentials for a professional license or certification given by an employee are true and accurate. This process confirms that all of the licenses and certifications held by an employee are not only active but also appropriately renewed and free from any disciplinary actions.

The primary source of verification typically comes from the state or country?s professional licensing authority. If a certain license or certification is transferred from one state or country to another, the primary source of verification must be confirmed with the issuing authority. It is important to note that the process of primary source verification is often time consuming and heavy on paperwork, with manual updating taking anywhere from days to weeks.

Advantages of Automated Professional License Verification

The primary benefit of automated professional license verification is the ability to save organizations time and resources. By automating the process of primary source verification, companies achieve complete visibility and control of their compliance program while also staying ahead of consequential regulatory requirements. An automated professional license verification system also ensures that license applications and renewals are managed with efficiency, improving team productivity and providing unparalleled visibility across the entire organization.

Not only that, but automated professional license verification helps organizations mitigate risks by providing comprehensive real-time monitoring of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. All of these features can be accessed through pre-built workflows, which are fully configurable to automate any license application processes.

Certemy: The Leader in Automated Professional License Verification

Certemy is one of the leading providers of automated professional license verification services. With its automated primary source authorization platform, Certemy is trusted by some of the largest organizations throughout the United States. It offers businesses the ability to track, monitor, and manage their employee licenses and certifications in real-time, in less than 24 hours in some cases.

Certemys automated professional license verification system is designed to ensure that businesses and their compliance teams maintain the highest standards of compliance when it comes to validating their employees credentials. This system also provides organizations with complete visibility and control over their compliance program while also syncing with current organizational workflows to ensure operational efficiency.

How Certemy Works

The way Certemy works is simple: once a license or certification application is submitted, Certemy begins its automated primary source verification process. As soon as a license is received, it is automatically transmitted to the issuing authority to be reviewed and cross-checked.

Once the license is verified, it is immediately added to Certemys system of records, which can then be referenced at any time by the organizations compliance team. Certemy also allows organizations to track the history and status of any license or certification, ensuring that they remain active and appropriately renewed.

Organizations also have the ability to monitor any disciplinary actions against an employees license or certification with Certemys automated primary source authorization system. This way, compliance teams are always one step ahead of any potential dangerous situations, helping them stay in control and have peace of mind when it comes to their employees licenses.

The main takeaway

Employers need to have complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program to stay ahead of any regulatory requirements. Certemy, a leader in automated professional license verification, offers organizations a way to save time, mitigate risks, and improve staff utilization. With its automated primary source verification system, Certemy helps businesses track and manage their employees licenses and certifications while providing real-time tracking and monitoring in one system of record.


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