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Orthopedic Nurse Practitioners (ONP-Cs) must maintain active professional licenses to practice and ensure the highest quality of care for their patients. Certemy, a leading provider of License Verification solutions, can help organizations automate the manual process of validating, tracking, and managing ONP-C licenses.

This article explains the critical role of professional license verification and how Certemy can help HR operations teams streamline the process of obtaining and maintaining up-to-date licenses. We will also look at the benefits of automation for organizations and employees alike.

The Critical Role of Professional License Verification

ONP-Cs must meet the requirements set forth by the federal and state government to practice medicine. Obtaining and maintaining a license to practice requires documentation, paperwork, and lots of time.

In addition to the legal requirements, employers must also have an active license on file for each of its employees in order to legally employ them. HR operations teams that manage licensure- and certification-related functions must also ensure that the credentials are valid and current. This can quickly become a tedious task ? and one that can easily be overlooked, forgotten, or handled manually.

A single oversight or oversight in keeping the licenses up-to-date can lead to serious consequences for the employer. This could include loss of credibility and reputation, as well as potential safety issues if a nurse with an expired license is on the job. To avoid this, organizations need to have an efficient, automated process for tracking and managing professional licenses.

How Certemy Automates the Professional License Verification Process

Certemy?s automated system takes the manual work out of the license verification process. It uses primary source verification to validate licenses and certifications across the organization, and quickly notify employers when licenses are due for renewal.

The system can easily be integrated with existing software systems and provides visibility into workforce compliance. It also enables tracking of employee licenses in a single easy-to-use platform, with pre-built workflows that can be customized for each organization?s needs.

Once the system is implemented, employers can quickly get up-to-date and accurate information. This helps to ensure that all credentials remain valid, employees are safe and qualified to practice, and businesses remain in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.

Benefits of Automating Professional License Verification

The benefits of automating the process of professional license verification are numerous. Organizations can save time and money by eliminating tedious paperwork and manual processes. Additionally, they can avoid potential safety issues and eliminate liability risks associated with an expired license.

Investing in a system that automatically verifies license credentials can also lead to improved productivity, better quality of care for patients, and a greater sense of job security for employees.

In summary

Professional license verification is an important process that must be implemented and maintained correctly to ensure legal and safety compliance for organizations and their employees. Certemy?s automated system is an efficient, reliable way to streamline the process of obtaining and managing ONP-C licenses. Organizations that implement this system can benefit from improved workflow efficiency, employee safety, and compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.


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