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In the modern world, compliance regulations are increasingly stringent and businesses must stay ahead of the curve. Organizations that want to stay safe from legal consequences and maintain high-quality standards may require professional license verification for their employees across a wide range of roles. Certemy offers an automated primary source verification system that ensures workforce compliance in many areas, such as gasfitter contractor. This system verifies that occupational licenses and certifications across your employees are all active and appropriately renewed, free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions.

What Certemy Offers

Certemy offers full visibility and control of any organizations workforce compliance program. Automated tracking and management of the necessary licenses and certifications is provided via primary source verification. The system offered by Certemy helps organizations stay ahead of the current regulations and also saves time plus mitigates associated risk with manual verification. Certemy is already being used by some of the largest employers in the United States and its popularity is growing.

The system automatically tracks and manages individual licenses while also being configured and automated for any verification processes specific to the organization. Certemys primary source verification feature also allows for real-time verification of employee credentials in a single system of record. This helps improve overall team productivity without compromising visibility across the organization. Certemys customized workflows enable errors and delays to be avoided, resulting in smooth and safe operations.

Benefits of Using Certemy

Certemy makes such services available to any organization, big or small. From reducing the burden of expensive third-party audits to saving time by automating manual processes, Certemy offers a number of solutions. Among the many advantages of using Certemys services are:

Verification of professional licenses and certifications

Real-time tracking and management of individual licenses across your workforce

Configurable and automated license application processes

Improved compliance with constantly changing regulatory requirements

Enhanced staff utilization

Mitigated risk and improved team productivity

Time savings across the organization

In the end

Organizations can rely on Certemys automated primary source verification system to ensure their workforce is compliant with the changing regulations. Certemys license verification system saves time, mitigates risk, improves staff utilization, and also saves organizations from expensive third-party audits. This is a must-have for any organization planning to stay ahead in the compliance race.


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