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Being an organization of any size comes with many challenges, including staying compliant with the latest regulations and managing employee credentials in an effective manner. For organizations that rely on license-regulated employees, such as certified nurses, compliance officers, and other professionals, the task can be even more difficult. Manual tracking of employee license renewals, tracking disciplinary measure changes, and staying up to date with the latest primary source verifications is time consuming and labor intensive.

Certemy provides an automated platform that enables compliance officers to meet and exceed license compliance requirements with primary source verification across the entire employee base. By utilizing the real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, Certemy helps organizations stay ahead of compliance requirements and free up time otherwise spent searching and verifying employee records. With stocked workflows that are easily configurable, the platform offers an agile and easy to use solution that alleviates the tremendous burden of manual license tracking.

As a key figurehead in the license verification market, Certemy enables organizations of all sizes to achieve compliance management success with automated license tracking. This cutting edge platform offers powerful workflow configuration capabilities to quickly manage employee license records with precision and accuracy. Plus, businesses can stay ahead of stringent regulations with real-time primary source license verification.

Certemys cloud-based platform is the go-to for many organizations that need to stay compliant with their license-regulated employees. With a single system of record, employers have complete control over their workforce compliance program. Automated workflows make it easy to apply for new licenses, track renewals, and monitor any disciplinary decisions taken against employees. Having license compliance and primary source verification all in the same system proves to be an invaluable resource for businesses that must adhere to tight regulations.

The use of Certemys verification platform enables organizations to save time, mitigate risk, and improve professional development of staff. With visibility and control over workforce compliance, businesses are able to meet and exceed expectations on license renewals, verification requirements, and disciplinary measures all within one system of record.

No matter how an organization is managed or what industry it caters to, having a reliable license verification system on hand is essential for staying compliant. Certemy is the leading industry provider of automated primary source verification systems, offering businesses the highest level of compliance for their professional license and certification management processes.


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