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Professional license Verification is one of the most important elements for occupational health and safety regulations in the United States. Without a reliable system to track each employees license and certifications status, companies would have difficulty staying up-to-date with the ever-changing license requirements for their workforce. It is also important to make sure all necessary licenses and certifications are current and valid and that there are no disciplinary or legal impediments to a person?s ability to practice their profession.

Enter Certemy, a leader in license verification with its automated primary source verification system that validates licenses and certifications across an organizations entire employee base. The system works to ensure that all of a companies staff members are compliant with the necessary requirements for their jobs and are free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions. Additionally, Certemy offers complete visibility and control of an organizations workforce Compliance program, from real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials to pre-built workflows that are fully configurable so that companies can automate its license application processes.

Here?s a step-by-step breakdown of how Certemy can help companies with license and certification compliance:

Step 1: Automatically Track and Manage Licenses and Certifications

Certemy offers a streamlined system for tracking and managing all of an organizations employee licenses and certifications. With subscription access to their primary source verification system, companies can rest assured that all their license and certification information is up-to-date and accurate as they receive notifications of updates in real-time. This can be beneficial for quickly identifying employees who need to renew their licenses or certifications.

Step 2: Leverage Pre-Built Workflows

Certemy offers several pre-built workflows that can be configured to simplify and automate a companies license application process. Organizations are able to customize existing workflows or create entirely new ones to meet their specific needs. This not only reduces manual efforts, but also streamlines the overall license tracking and management process.

Step 3: Improve Team Productivity and Visibility

With its system of record, Certemy enables organizations to gain improved visibility into their employees’ licenses and certifications, enabling them to quickly identify any areas of non-compliance. This increased visibility can then be used to maximize the productivity of their staff while helping to ensure regulatory compliance.

Step 4: Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

By automating their license application process and tracking employee licenses in real-time, companies are able to get a jump start on staying compliant with local and federal regulations. Certemys system also understands the unique requirements of any particular profession, which eliminates any discrepancies in the verification process.

Last reflections

Certemy is the perfect solution for companies looking to take the headache out of license and certification compliance. Not only does it provide a streamlined and automated system for tracking and managing employee licenses, but it also offers improved visibility and team productivity. Combined with its easy-to-use pre-built workflows and comprehensive primary source verification system, Certemy is one of the top solutions for license and certification compliance.


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